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Title    Spreadtrum Smartphone SoC Uses 8 Intel Airmont Cores
Date    Monday March 20 2017, @02:47PM
Author    Fnord666
from the very-impressive dept.

takyon writes:

A third-party SoC developer has introduced an octo-core smartphone SoC using 14nm x86 Airmont (Atom) cores from Intel:

To date, the Spreadtrum SC9861G-IA is the most powerful (and presumably energy-efficient) x86-based SoC for smartphones. It has more cores, better graphics, and a faster modem than Intel's own code-named Moorefield SoCs introduced in 2014, made using its 22 nm fabrication process, or the SoFIA chips (designed by Rockchip) launched in 2015 made using TSMC's 28 nm technologies. Using Intel's 14 nm manufacturing technology for this new SoC helps to reduce minimum power requirements and die size (which still remain unknown).

The SC9861G-IA is the first x86-based SoC by Spreadtrum, and the development was enabled by an agreement signed in late 2014 after Intel acquired a $1.5-billion worth stake in Tsinghua Unigroup, the owner of Spreadtrum. The chip will not carry the Intel Atom brand, and thus Intel will not help makers of devices to integrate it or make any other incentives to popularize the platform. It will also not invest in its advertising. What is interesting is that the SC9861G-IA will not be Spreadtrum's last x86-based SoC, according to the CEO of Intel.

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