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Title    Comodo Caught Breaking New CAA Standard One Day After It Went Into Effect
Date    Wednesday September 13 2017, @12:06PM
Author    Fnord666
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MrPlow writes:

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1937

One day after the CAA (Certificate Authority Authorization) standard became obligatory on September 8, a German security researcher caught Comodo breaking the rules and issuing an SSL certificate it was not supposed to issue.

CAA allows website owners to specify what Certificate Authorities (CAs) are allowed to issue certificates in their name. Site owners can set up a CAA rule for their domain by adding a text field in DNS entries such as the one below: CAA 0 issue ""

This small rule tells any Certificate Authority that only Symantec can issue SSL certificates for the domain.

According to the rules of the CAA standard approved by the CA/Browser Forum in Ballot 187, this April, Certificate Authorities such as Comodo have to check a CAA field in DNS records before issuing new SSL certificates.

On Monday, German security researcher Hanno Böck shared with the infosec community that he managed to obtain an SSL certificate from Comodo — now revoked — for his own website, even if the CAA field limited SSL issuance only to Let's Encrypt.


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