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Title    U.K. Company Fined Over Information Security Lapses
Date    Thursday January 11 2018, @08:14AM
Author    martyb
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jelizondo writes:

The BBC reports that the Information Commissioner’s Office has fined a company, “Carphone Warehouse”, (a retailer of cell phones) £400,000 (about $540,000 dollars) over “systemic failures” which allowed hackers to gain access “to personal data of more than three million customers and 1,000 employees.”

According to the BBC: “The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, said: ‘A company as large, well-resourced, and established as Carphone Warehouse, should have been actively assessing its data security systems, and ensuring systems were robust and not vulnerable to such attacks.’ “

Should the U.S. Government enact fines and other measures against companies that fail to implement “rudimentary, commonplace measures" for security?

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