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Title    AI-Generated Film - the Next Frontier
Date    Tuesday June 12 2018, @11:51AM
Author    cmn32480
from the humans-are-overrated dept.

BsAtHome writes:

Do we need another [HB]ollywood blockbuster? Apparently not if it is up to the future of AI:

...goal of having Benjamin [the AI] "write, direct, perform and score" this short film within 48 hours, without any human intervention...

Maybe it is not perfection yet, but it looks like reality is slowly catching up with science fiction.

Two years ago, Ars Technica hosted the online premiere of a weird short film called Sunspring, which was mostly remarkable because its entire script was created by an AI. The film's human cast laughed at odd, computer-generated dialogue and stage direction before performing the results in particularly earnest fashion.

That film's production duo, Director Oscar Sharp and AI researcher Ross Goodwin, have returned with another AI-driven experiment that, on its face, looks decidedly worse. Blurry faces, computer-generated dialogue, and awkward scene changes fill out this year's Zone Out, a film created as an entry in the Sci-Fi-London 48-Hour Challenge—meaning, just like last time, it had to be produced in 48 hours and adhere to certain specific prompts.

The result is both awful, funny and impressive. Especially with the background knowledge that it was done by an AI in just 48 hours and limited resources. Maybe we are on the path of robotic entertainment sooner than later. You'll know who'll be the boss when you start hearing discussions for the AI's necessity for copyright ownership of the AI's creation.

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