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Title    AI Beauty Pageant
Date    Sunday June 09, @09:26PM
Author    hubie
from the Oh-What-a-Dream! dept.

anubi writes:

I just found this while browsing Russian Television :

It has pictures. Much like art has been through the millennia, done with today's digital media.

So contestants from all over the world can gather and compete for the title of "Miss AI".

Excerpt from RT:
The event, called 'Miss AI', is being organized by the World AI Creator Awards (WAICA) in collaboration with Fanvue – an OnlyFans-like subscription-based platform that already hosts a number of virtual models, including those who offer adult content.

The digital contestants hoping to secure the Miss AI crown will be judged on their beauty, underlying tech, as well as their social media pull, according to WAICA's official website. The AI creator's "social media clout" will also be assessed based on their engagement numbers with fans, rate of audience growth, and ability to utilize social media platforms such as Instagram.

I don't quite know what to make of this. There are so many viewpoints and I hope to see what others feel about it. One thing, it's an inevitable outcome of combining our technology and artistic expression, even done on ancient cave walls. Soon our digital presence can be tailored to anything we want it to be. Work from home. Zoom calls ( with your AI proxy, of course, which would handle as many simultaneous interactions as your server technology can handle ).

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