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Mainpage 08/13 12:25  India monsoon floods kill more than 200  exec
Mainpage 08/14 14:05  Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 08/14 17:32  Meet Bluetana, the Scourge of Pump Skimmers  upstart
Mainpage 08/14 17:36  Windows Users at Risk From High-Severity Intel Software Flaw  upstart
Mainpage 08/15 18:46  China scientists warn of global cooling trick up nature’s sleeve  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/16 13:27  A Trillion Trees – How Hard Can It Be?  exec
Mainpage 08/16 15:58  In the News: Near Earth Asteroids; "The End is Near!" or How to Make a Hit out of a Miss  martyb
Mainpage 08/16 16:49  7 Can't-Miss Cybersecurity Lessons From Black Hat USA and Vegas Security Week  upstart
Mainpage 08/16 16:49  When It Comes to Application Security, Banks Pay Little Interest - Security Boulevard  upstart
Mainpage 08/17 03:55  A popular immigration bill is bad news for US esports  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/17 04:09  New graphic FDA warnings aim to scare smokers with the consequences of their habit | Popular Science  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/17 04:17  Da Vinci Hidden Painting | New 'Virgin of the Rocks' Painting  upstart
Mainpage 08/17 04:20  New State of Matter Discovered  upstart
Mainpage 08/17 17:36  Discovery Of Anti-Opioid Pathway Offers New Route To Designing Safer Pain Medications  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 08/17 17:42  Missing Tattoos: Altered Photo Lineup By Portland Police Draws Objection  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 08/18 19:06  SOHO scientists have confirmed the "cemetery" of comets in the Sun  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/19 08:00  The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/19 12:48  Climate Change To Shrink Economies Of All Countries Alike Unless Paris Agreement Holds  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 08/19 16:22  'Coordinated Ransomware Attack' in Texas Hits 23 Local Governments  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/19 16:23  The Rise of “Bulletproof” Residential Networks  upstart
Mainpage 08/19 16:25  Router Network Isolation Broken By Covert Data Exfiltration  upstart
Mainpage 08/19 21:57  Planned Parenthood to leave Title X due to Trump changes on Abortion rules  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/20 03:36  Follow the money - the happy marriage of Sextortion and Bitcoin 
Mainpage 08/20 04:36  YouTube banning combat robots, mistaking them for animal fights  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/20 06:15  Pepe the Frog, an alt-right symbol in the US, has emerged as the face of the Hong Kong protests  aristarchus
Mainpage 08/20 08:12  Australia Has Banned At Least Four Video Games In The Last Three Months  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 08/20 08:14  The Pwn Star State: Nearly Two Dozen Texas Towns Targeted By Tiresome Ransomware  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 08/20 15:30  How Facebook Catches Bugs in Its 100 Million Lines of Code | WIRED  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/20 16:22  Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R5, update 2 plops from Oracle's Linux-shaped orifice • The Register  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/20 16:28  The coolest you should keep your house is 78 degrees, federal program recommends  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/20 16:42  Google's Software is Malware  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/20 19:55  How a Cooling Vest Invented by a Furry Made Its Way Into the U.S. Military  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 02:37  A Single Change at Telomeres Controls the Ability of Cells to Generate a Complete Organism  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 02:38  Adwind Spyware-as-a-Service Attacks Utility Grid Operators  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 02:38  An AI Privacy Conundrum? The Neural Net Knows More Than It Says  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 02:41  This New YubiKey Will Offer Dual Security for Apple Users – TechCrunch  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 02:42  Why Const Doesn't Make C Code Faster  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:02  Tesla's Latest Wiring Patent Application: Things Get Faster and More Redundant - Roadshow  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:02  TCL Roadmap Leak Shows Off 5G, Foldable Phones for 2020  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:04  Skeletal Shapes Key to Rapid Recognition of Objects: A New Insight Into the Human Vision System  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:26  Astronomers Discover a Massive super-Jupiter Hiding Around Nearby Star  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:27  Relying on Bug Bounties 'not Appropriate Risk Management': Katie Moussouris  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:31  Microsoft Chrom... Edge Hits Beta as New Browser Prepped for Biz Testing  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:31  No REST for the Wicked: Ruby Gem Hacked to Siphon Passwords, Secrets From Web Devs  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:32  Nicotine-free E-cigarettes Can Damage Blood Vessels: Single Instance of Vaping Immediately Leads to   upstart
Mainpage 08/21 03:36  Milspec Teardown: ID-2124 Howitzer Data Display  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 04:01  Lab-on-a-chip Drives Search for New Drugs to Prevent Blood Clots  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 04:03  Hundreds of Extreme Self-citing Scientists Revealed in New Database  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 04:06  Google Nest Security Cam Bugs Allow Device Takeover  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 04:07  Heat Shield Just 10 Atoms Thick to Protect Electronic Devices: Atomically Thin Heat Shields Could be  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 04:08  Folded Paper Creates Portable Lab for Field Laboratory Tests  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 04:09  China Now Has AI-Powered Judges  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 04:10  Chandrayaan-2 Update: Lunar Orbit Insertion - ISRO  upstart
Mainpage 08/21 11:33  Mercedes spies on drivers by secretly installing tracking devices in cars and passing information to  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/21 12:13  Australia wants to limit cash transactions to 10K or face jail time  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/21 12:39  Federal Agency Turf War over the 5.9 GHz Spectrum Could Hand 5G Victory to China  McGruber
Mainpage 08/21 12:52  VLC Fixes 13 Security Flaws; Booby-Trapped Media File Could Pwn You  martyb
Mainpage 08/21 13:51  storybreak stars<\/title><path d="M5.146 9.01l-.19-3.623 3.057 1.985.693-1.197-3.213-1.67 3.213-1.63  MrPlow

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Politics 08/22 01:51 Italy Loses Government, Coalition of Right-Wing, Anti-Establishment Parties Collapses aristarchus