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Politics 02/13 08:31  Alt-Right Charlottesville Marcher Brandon Higgs Accused of Trying to Kill Black Men  aristarchus
Mainpage 02/13 18:34  New Meaning to "Get Zucked"  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 02/14 02:20  Incredible Real-life Black Panther Images Emerge From Kenya  upstart
Mainpage 02/14 13:07  NASA Declares Mars Rover Opportunity Officially Dead  upstart
Politics 02/14 21:09  California to pull plug on billion-dollar bullet train, cites ballooning costs  realDonaldTrump
Politics 02/14 21:31  Protesters stage Guggenheim Museum demonstration to protest opioid crisis  realDonaldTrump
Politics 02/14 23:06  The Making of an Alt-Right Internet Troll   aristarchus
Mainpage 02/15 02:33  TVA Board Votes to Close Coal Plants Despite Trump Tweet  upstart
Mainpage 02/15 02:35  Gambling, Porn, and Piracy on iOS: Apple’s Enterprise Certificate Woes Continue  upstart
Mainpage 02/15 02:35  Scientists Think Mars Lake May be Created by Recent Volcanic Activity  upstart
Mainpage 02/15 02:37  Use an 8-char Windows NTLM password? Don't. Every single one can be cracked in under 2.5hrs  exec
Mainpage 02/15 02:40  Dog burial as common ritual in Neolithic populations of north-eastern Iberian Peninsula  exec
Mainpage 02/15 04:25  How's This for Sci-fi: Orbiting Probes Face Fiery Death Dive From Planet's Radiation Belts. And That  upstart
Mainpage 02/15 04:44  Exercise gives older men a better brain boost  exec
Mainpage 02/15 04:52  How sleep can fight infection  exec
Mainpage 02/15 04:55  It's February 2019 and your Windows DHCP server can be pwned by a packet, IE and Edge by a webpage,  exec
Mainpage 02/15 11:53  Return of the audio format wars and other money-making scams  exec
Politics 02/16 19:23  ⚖️ Supreme Court to Decide if Census Can Check U.S. Citizenship  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 02/18 01:23  Move Over Actors And Artists, Software Developers Are True Creative Heroes  upstart
Politics 02/18 01:24  Scholar Matt Sears: Someday MAGA hats will be shameful secrets, like Klan robes  aristarchus
Mainpage 02/18 01:44  Effective self-control strategies involve much more than willpower  exec
Mainpage 02/18 02:19  Muscle Memory Discovery Ends 'use It or Lose It' Dogma  upstart
Politics 02/18 04:18  Russian flag hung on Salisbury Cathedral year after novichok attack  c0lo
Mainpage 02/18 08:15  UK Disinformation And ‘Fake News’: Final Report Published  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 02/19 11:01  Food Stamp Participation Declines for 12 Straight Months  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 02/19 15:09  Lara Logan tells all  Runaway1956
Mainpage 02/19 16:05  Four-Day Week Trial: Study Finds Lower Stress but No Cut in Output  exec
Mainpage 02/19 16:32  Ancient 'night' Marsupial Faced Four Months of Winter Darkness  upstart
Politics 02/19 20:04  FBI marginalia in the “Ramparts” file reads like an alt-right comments section  aristarchus
Mainpage 02/20 09:07  Tidal Floods Driven By Climate Change May Hurt Small Businesses  janrinok
Mainpage 02/20 11:36  Facebook Keeps a List of People It Deems to be a Threat and Then Tracks Their Movements- Technology   upstart
Mainpage 02/20 12:27  Insurers Hand Out Cash and Gifts To Sway Brokers Who Sell Employer Health Plans  upstart
Mainpage 02/20 16:46  Hackers Use Compromised Banks as Starting Points for Phishing Attacks  upstart
Mainpage 02/20 16:48  Google Put a Microphone in Nest Secure and Forgot to Tell Anyone  upstart
Mainpage 02/20 16:52  When Surveillance Meets Incompetence  upstart
Mainpage 02/21 08:19  Cancer Death Rates Are Falling, Five-Year Survival Rates Rising  janrinok
Mainpage 02/21 08:35  Physicists 'Flash-Freeze' Crystal Of 150 Ions  janrinok
Mainpage 02/21 08:40  Putting Data Privacy In The Hands Of Users  janrinok
Politics 02/21 12:32  Aus Pollies Extend Encryption Law Betraying Citizens 
Mainpage 02/21 21:05  China’s Social Credit System Shows its Teeth, Banning Millions From Taking Flights, Trains  upstart
Mainpage 02/22 02:24  Trump demands quick rollout of “6G” wireless tech, which doesn’t exist  exec
Mainpage 02/22 07:43  Researchers Create "Hachimoji" DNA and RNA With Four Additional Bases  takyon
Mainpage 02/22 09:22  Right to Repair Legislation Is Officially Being Considered In Canada  canopic jug
Mainpage 02/22 16:20  Nvidia Ditches the Ray-Tracing Cores With Lower-Priced GTX 1660 Ti  takyon
Mainpage 02/22 18:41  Researchers watched in real time as a single-celled algae evolved into a multicellular organism.  DeathMonkey
Mainpage 02/22 21:13  An Arizona cop threatened to arrest a 12-year-old journalist. She wasn’t backing down.  DeathMonkey

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Mainpage 02/23 04:15 Activating Tooth Regeneration In Mice janrinok
Mainpage 02/23 02:35 Neptune Gets a New Moon, Thanks Hubble RandomFactor
Mainpage 02/23 00:17 How Hackers Could Wreck Container Vessels janrinok