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Mainpage 10/09 07:10  Drug Can Extend Survival Rates For Heart Failure Patients  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 10/09 08:30  Scientists Identify Molecule That Could Have Helped Cells Thrive On Early Earth  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 10/10 02:54  Indie Game Makers Open Up About the Money They Actually Make  upstart
Mainpage 10/10 03:07  Google Avoids Serving Repeat Ads With Machine Learning  upstart
Mainpage 10/10 07:05  Interview with a Pornhub Web Developer  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 10/10 16:07  Collapse OS: Bootsrap post-collapse technology  Mojibake Tengu
Mainpage 10/10 17:59  New Vector Raises $8.5M to Accelerate Matrix/Riot/Modular  upstart
Mainpage 10/10 20:33  Google Removing Purchased Apps from Users' Libraries?  APK Hosts File Engin
Mainpage 10/10 20:58  Microsoft can fix the toxic Android hellstew, but it needs a partner: Samsung, LG, ZTE or Huawei?  aristarchus
Mainpage 10/11 00:40  'White Power Barbies' a powerful alt-right recruiting tool  aristarchus
Mainpage 10/11 00:57  In ‘Antisocial,’ How the Alt-Right Went Viral  aristarchus
Mainpage 10/11 11:01  How Fake News Spreads Like a Real Virus  upstart
Mainpage 10/11 11:02  Saddleridge Fire Explodes in Southern California, Mandatory Evacuation in San Fernando Valley  upstart
Mainpage 10/11 11:03  I Tried to Hack My Insomnia With Technology. Here’s What Worked.  upstart
Mainpage 10/11 12:20  Trying out Sourcehut  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 10/11 23:00  Stack Exchange blowing up over preferred pronoun requirements and new Code of conduct  sfm
Mainpage 10/12 09:39  Here’s how techno-utopianism decayed into alt-right madness  aristarchus
Mainpage 10/12 16:03  Cryptocurrency’s Bad Day Continues as the SEC Blocks Telegram’s $1.7 Billion Planned Token Sale – Te  upstart
Mainpage 10/12 16:05  Instacart Shoppers are Organizing a Nationwide Protest – TechCrunch  upstart
Mainpage 10/12 16:09  The Reflections in a Pop Star’s Eyes Told a Selfie Stalker Exactly How to Find Her  upstart
Mainpage 10/13 05:53  Private Property, Not Productivity, Precipitated Neolithic Agricultural Revolution  upstart
Mainpage 10/13 06:31  Alt-Right Activist Joey Gibson Caught Raising Funds Through Untraceable Church  aristarchus
Mainpage 10/13 19:55  MMR vaccine reported to be contaminated with human DNA from cell line  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 10/13 23:18  Spongebob's Legacy of Violence  RandomFactor
Mainpage 10/14 02:36  New Evidence Supports Giant Asteroid Impact 12 800 Years Ago  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 04:25  Fort Worth Police Officer Fatally Shoots Woman in Her Home While Checking on an Open Front Door  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 05:17  “Widespread Adoption” (Did You Mean: Takeover by Monopolies?)  Runaway1956
Mainpage 10/14 05:18  Bill Text - AB-44 Fur Products: Prohibition.  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 06:33  Samizdat, A decentralized, browser-based solution to Internet censorship  Runaway1956
Mainpage 10/14 06:51  California Law Bans For-profit, Private Prisons, Immigration Detention Centers  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 13:42  Best Way To Protect Ocean Fisheries? Let Nations Profit From Them  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 10/14 13:45  Blue Light Isn't The Main Source Of Eye Fatigue And Sleep Loss—It's Your Computer  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 10/14 13:49  Tokyo Olympics, Us Tariffs Trump Europe's Brexit Shakes As Global PC Shipments Increase  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 10/15 09:10  BGH Capital backs major new cyber security player  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 10/15 15:44  AMD Refreshes Embedded GPU Lineup, Launches Polaris-Based Embedded Radeon E9560 & E9390  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 15:45  Fire Blankets Can Protect Buildings From Wildfires: Existing Blanket Technology Can Protect an Isola  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 15:46  Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Defeated by Silicon Case  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 15:47  Blind People Have Increased Opportunities, but Employers' Perceptions are Still a Barrier  upstart

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