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Mainpage 07/28 10:54  Volkswagen Has Paid $9.5 Bn to US Drivers Over 'Dieselgate'  upstart
Mainpage 07/28 11:05  Safe Work Protocols Can Increase the Likelihood the Business Will Fail  upstart
Mainpage 07/28 21:46  Can we see a change in the CO2 record because of COVID-19?  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/29 03:49  100 Million-year-old Life Forms Found on the Ocean Floor  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 03:49  Decline of Bees, Other Pollinators Threatens US Crop Yields: Largest Study of its Kind Highlights Ri  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 03:58  With the US Election Coming Up, When Better to Petition Regulators for a Controversial Way to Chill   upstart
Mainpage 07/29 16:38  Why has Debian been gripped by vendettas?  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/29 17:44  Israel Rolls Out Dystopian Cyber Espionage Award for US-Backed Digital Saboteurs  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 19:14  Wuhan's 'Bat Woman' Demands Trump Apology as New Whistleblower Describes Early CCP Cover-Up  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 00:52  The Cold War Bunker That Became Home to a Dark-Web Empire  aristarchus
Mainpage 07/30 01:54  New Current That Transports Water to Major 'Waterfall' Discovered in Deep Ocean  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 02:55  The Money Antitrust Committee Members Receive From Big Tech  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 16:49  Google is Releasing a Free Phone Backup Tool for iOS  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 17:02  Coronavirus: Camera firm Kodak turns to drugs to fight virus  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/30 18:29  Corporate Constitutional Rights are Cancerous to Democracy  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 21:03  'Fool's Gold' May be Valuable After All: for the First Time, Researchers Electrically Transform Mate  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 21:13  Antibiotics Use Early in Life Increases Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Later in Life  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 22:55  Study: US Adults Who Mostly Rely on Social Media for News are Less Informed, Exposed to More Conspir  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 04:05  Laughter Acts as a Stress Buffer -- and Even Smiling Helps  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 08:16  Ghislaine Maxwell: Court Unseals Documents Related to Dealings With Epstein  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 08:19  Australia to Make Facebook, Google Pay for News in World First  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 12:43  Twitter Employees Were Spear-phished Over the Phone - Help Net Security  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 13:25  Not Even Scientists Can Tell These Birds Apart. but Now, Computers Can  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 13:28  Thinking of a Cybersecurity Career? Read This  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 21:14  Racism among white Christians is higher than among the nonreligious.  aristarchus
Mainpage 08/01 01:20  Where to Buy Clear Face Masks That Display Your Smile  upstart
Mainpage 08/01 02:43  Florida Teen Charged as “Mastermind” in Twitter Hack Hitting Biden, Bezos, and Others  upstart
Mainpage 08/01 22:52  Search Continues for 8 Missing Service Members After U.S. Navy Boat Sinks - National  upstart
Mainpage 08/01 22:55  Policeman Arrives at Man's Home, Demands He Delete Netanyahu Photo From Facebook --  upstart
Mainpage 08/01 22:57  Biden Faces Pressure From Left Over Influence Industry Ties  upstart
Mainpage 08/01 23:10  Man Plants Mysterious Seeds Sent From China to US  upstart
Mainpage 08/01 23:33  Hitting the Books: Why Women Make Better Astronauts  upstart
Mainpage 08/02 13:48  Pending Postal Service Changes Could Delay Mail and Deliveries, Advocates Warn  upstart
Mainpage 08/02 16:26  Russia preparing mass vaccination against coronavirus for October  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/03 03:49  Boaters Gatecrash SpaceX's 1st Splashdown With Astronauts. 'We Need to Do Better,' NASA Chief Says.  upstart
Mainpage 08/03 03:49  Computer Mouse Co-inventor William English Dies at 91  upstart
Mainpage 08/03 03:50  Malware Writer Pleads Guilty to Helping $568 Million Cybercrime Ring  upstart
Mainpage 08/03 03:53  Rocket Lab Will Resume Missions in August Following Launch Failure  upstart
Mainpage 08/03 06:03  Doctors try pressurized oxygen chambers in COVID fight  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/03 12:37  Melbourne Man Fined for Entering CBD to Play Pokemon Go  upstart
Mainpage 08/03 13:59  The Six Strains of SARS-CoV-2  upstart

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Meta 08/04 23:45 SoylentNews -- Site Activity, Finances, etc. martyb
Mainpage 08/04 01:35 Firefox Browser Use Drops as Mozilla's Worst Microsoft Edge Fears Come True takyon
Mainpage 08/03 23:22 Linux 5.8 Released takyon
Mainpage 08/03 21:14 Homeland Security Shuts Down ‘Intelligence’ Reports on Journalists upstart
Mainpage 08/03 19:03 Astra Ready for First in a Series of Orbital Launch Attempts upstart
Mainpage 08/03 16:52 Apple Emails Reveal Internal Debate on Right to Repair upstart