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Mainpage 09/18 04:55  Interesting Attack on the EMV Smartcard Payment Standard - Schneier on Security  upstart
Mainpage 09/18 04:58  Feeling Bad About Your Last Security Audit? Check Out What Just Happened to the US Department of Int  upstart
Mainpage 09/18 05:36  Free Speech Champion Mark Zuckerberg Announces Plan to Censor His Employees  upstart
Mainpage 09/18 21:55  Facebook Sued in Federal Court for "Spying" on Instagram Users Through Camera  upstart
Mainpage 09/19 03:09  New Australian "Pre-crime" Bill Allows Authorities to Arrest Citizens for Dissent, Online "Conspirac  upstart
Mainpage 09/19 13:18  Oceana catchs China pillaging squid in Galapagos Marine Reserve  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 09/19 17:43  Mathematicians May Have Figured Out How ‘Stone Forests’ Form  upstart
Mainpage 09/19 18:00  ‘Move Into the 21st Century’: George Floyd Trial Ignites Push to Allow Courtroom Cameras - National  upstart
Mainpage 09/19 18:25  U.S. Spy Plane Impersonates Malaysian Aircraft, Flies Near China  upstart
Mainpage 09/19 18:30  Online Fraud Prevention Biz Fails to Prevent CEO's Alleged Offline Fraud  upstart
Mainpage 09/21 13:20  TikTok Unaware of $5bn US 'Education Fund' Request  upstart
Meta 09/21 21:26  Open Letter to the SoylentNews Administration  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 09/21 21:55  Australia Has Venomous Snakes, Spiders, And… Trees  upstart
Mainpage 09/21 22:14  Toxic Masculinity: Why Male Funnel Web Spiders are So Dangerous  upstart
Mainpage 09/21 22:15  Studies Show Far-UVC Light Can Kill Coronaviruses Without Harming Humans  upstart
Mainpage 09/21 22:18  Hailing a Self-driving Taxi When Blind. Learn How Waymo Answers That Challenge at Sight Tech Global   upstart
Mainpage 09/21 22:20  Virgin Islands AG Demands ENTIRETY of Epstein Flight Logs, ‘Sparking Panic’ Among Wealthy Passengers  upstart
Mainpage 09/21 22:26  Mixed-species Tree Stands Adapt Better Than Pure Stands  upstart
Mainpage 09/21 22:30  New Composite Material Revs Up Pursuit of Advanced Electric Vehicles  upstart
Mainpage 09/21 22:53  Black Doctors Have Created a Task Force to Make Sure COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe  upstart
Mainpage 09/21 22:57  Ribeye-eating Pigs Demonstrate Protein Quality for Humans  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 00:50  Exposing Your Face Isn't More Hygienic Way to Pay  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 00:56  Justice Dept. to Brief States on Google Antitrust Inquiry  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 00:58  Facebook Letting Users Claim Images, Issue Copyright Takedown Notices, Could Have Big Impact on Meme  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 02:33  Firefox 81.0 Has Been Released!  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 09/22 05:14  Trump to Meet State Attorneys General to Discuss Key U.S. Tech Liability Shield  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 05:21  Australia Attempts to Rescue Hundreds of Stranded Pilot Whales  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 05:30  Evolution of Radio-resistance is More Complicated Than Previously Thought  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 08:49  Watch a demo of Royole’s new folding phone, on sale today for roughly $1,500  Anonymous Coward
Politics 09/22 12:44  PolitiFact - Has COVID-19 Killed More Cops Than All Other Causes?  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 13:59  Gig Economy Company Launches Uber, but for Evicting People  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 15:56  Facebook Says It Could Restrict Content to Stop Violence Around Election Day  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 15:58  New Consumer Goods Coalition to Accelerate Systemic Effort to Remove Deforestation and Forest Degrad  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 16:05  Russia Wants to Ban the Use of Secure Protocols Such as TLS 1.3, DoH, DoT, ESNI  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 16:10  Global Police Sting Against Dark Net Drug Sales Nets 179  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 16:29  Iranians Break Taboos With Their Own Version of #MeToo  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 16:36  Astrophysicists Prove That Dust Particles in Space are Mixed With Ice  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 16:37  Cells: Divide and Enlarge  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 16:39  Exclusive: U.S. Regulator to Relax Proposed Whistleblower Caps, Tighter Tip Deadlines – Sources  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 16:49  Who is the Weakest Link? a Better Understanding of Global Supply Chains  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 17:02  Greenpeace USA Among HUNDREDS of Environmentalist Pages Blocked by Facebook Ahead of Online Protest   upstart
Mainpage 09/22 17:16  Why Do We Sleep? the Answer May Change Right Before We Turn 3.  upstart
Politics 09/22 17:22  Bloomberg Raises $16mn to Pay Fines of Black, Hispanic Felons to Vote in Florida  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 17:25  Wildfires, Logging Affect Fungi Pine Forests Depend on for Survival, Studies Show  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 17:41  'New' Lactic Acid Bacteria Can Make African Camel Milk Safe  upstart
Mainpage 09/22 17:47  Can the CDC Get Anything Right?  upstart
Mainpage 09/23 08:38  Bloomberg Pays Fines for 32,000 Felons in Florida So They Can Vote  upstart
Mainpage 09/23 10:05  NASA Outlines Plan to Land First Woman on Moon by 2024  upstart
Mainpage 09/23 17:17  Training to spot trolls  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 09/23 21:06  SeaMonkey 2.53.4 Released!  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 09/23 22:51  Record-Breaking Whale Stays Underwater for Mind-Bending 3 Hours and 42 Minutes  upstart
Mainpage 09/23 22:55  Amazon City of Manaus May Have Reached ‘Herd Immunity’: Study  upstart
Mainpage 09/23 22:58  NASA Wants a Big Budget Increase for its Moon Plans. is Congress Biting?  upstart
Mainpage 09/23 23:51  Dogs Trained to Sniff Out COVID-19 Used by Finland at Helsinki Airport  upstart
Mainpage 09/23 23:52  Finland Using Dogs Trained to Sniff Out Coronavirus at Helsinki Airport - National  upstart
Mainpage 09/23 23:58  Wikipedia is Getting a New Look for the First Time in 10 Years. Here’s Why.  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 00:03  Navy Releases First Tranche of USS Thresher Documents - USNI News  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 00:20  Four-thousand-year-old Textile Mill Unearthed in Western Turkey --  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 00:22  Johnson & Johnson Begins Giant Study (up to 60,000 volunteers) of One-Dose Covid Shot  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 09/24 01:19  Govt. Services Firm Tyler Technologies Hit in Apparent Ransomware Attack  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 01:47  APOD: 2020 September 23 - ISS Transits Mars  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 04:09  Chromium Steel Was First Made in Ancient Persia Millennium Earlier Than Previously Thought -- Sott.n  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 04:27  eBay Workers to Plead Guilty Over Spider Intimidation Campaign  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 07:55  Florida AG Calls for Criminal Inquiry Into Bloomberg’s $16M Felon Voter Donation  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 10:16  Given Govt. Green Light, Power Plants Embark on Cryptocurrency Mining  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 12:38  Government Software Provider Tyler Technologies Hit by Possible Ransomware Attack  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 12:56  Poll: outside my window...  DECbot
Mainpage 09/24 13:02  Mexican Politician Tries to Use Background of Herself to Sneak Out of Meeting  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 13:56  The Russian Trolls Have a Simpler Job Today. Quote Trump.  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 14:46  The Diner That Isn’t Afraid to Piss Off Seamless, or Customers Who Use It  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 15:17  Spain’s Top Court Declares Gig-workers are EMPLOYEES, Not Contractors  upstart
Mainpage 09/24 15:29  New 3D Printing Tech Produces Smaller-than-ever Soft Gel Objects  Phoenix666
Mainpage 09/24 18:56  How to Tame a Troll  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 09/24 19:22  Australia has Venomous Snakes, Spiders, and… Trees  martyb
Mainpage 09/24 19:40  COVID Ruined Weddings, So Now People are Eloping on Instagram  upstart

Pending Stories

Mainpage 09/25 23:17 Russia Offers its Untested COVID-19 Vaccine for Free to UN Officials Freeman
Mainpage 09/25 21:05 Nikola Stock Plunges 26% after Fraud Claims Complicate Hydrogen Plans Freeman
Mainpage 09/25 18:54 Intel Launches "Elkhart Lake" Embedded Atom CPUs: x86 With ARM Cortex-M7 takyon
Mainpage 09/25 16:41 Ancient Persians were Making "20th-Century" Chromium Steel 900 Years Ago Phoenix666
Mainpage 09/25 14:28 ARM Announces Neoverse V1 and N2 Cores takyon
Mainpage 09/25 12:16 MoonRanger Robotic Rover Will Seek out Water on the Moon Phoenix666
Mainpage 09/25 10:07 James Bond Villain Michael Lonsdale Dead at 89 upstart
Mainpage 09/25 07:58 California Bans New Internal Combustion Engines, Starting in 2035 upstart
Mainpage 09/25 05:49 DOJ Unveils Trump Administration's Legislation to Reform Tech's Legal Liability Shield upstart
Mainpage 09/25 03:40 Mozilla Needs Your Help to Expose YouTube’s Recommendation Algorithm upstart
Mainpage 09/25 01:32 YouTube: Copyright Lawsuit Plaintiff Uploaded Own Movies Then Claimed Mass Infringement upstart
Mainpage 09/24 23:22 Microsoft Edge Comes to Linux Next Month DannyB
Mainpage 09/24 21:13 179 Arrested in 'Operation DisrupTor' Dark Web Drug Takedown Fnord666