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Mainpage 12/18 23:03  Which way do you hang your toilet paper? Explain why in comments. (Poll)  Zinho
Mainpage 02/07 11:37  Toxic metal into nuggets: Secrets of gold-pooping bacteria unraveled by scientists — RT World News  MrPlow
Mainpage 02/12 13:49  Alien Pastures » New Live ISOs for Slackware-current 20180209  MrPlow
Mainpage 02/12 14:12  Indian officer busted after trading secret info with ‘Pakistani spies’ for nude pics — RT World News  MrPlow
Mainpage 02/12 16:28  To Understand the Protection Racket Look Not at Microsoft But at Patent Trolls Which It Sponsors  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 02/13 08:27  Planners of Deadly Charlottesville Rally Are Tested in Court  aristarchus
Mainpage 02/13 12:15  What Software Should I Send To Sierra Leone?  MichaelDavidCrawford
Mainpage 02/13 23:29  The Alt Right Thinks 5G Network Plans Are a Deep State Conspiracy Spearheaded By Google  aristarchus
Mainpage 02/14 12:22  Love letters from a Black Hat to all the fools on the Internet - Help Net Security  MrPlow
Mainpage 02/14 19:22  The UK’s Hidden Hand in Julian Assange’s Detention  Anonymous Coward
Communityreviews 02/14 20:26  Christians, Take The Alt-Right Seriously, By Rod Dreher   aristarchus
Mainpage 02/15 04:41  [H]ardOCP: Sex Toys Are Being Mailed To Strangers, And Amazon Doesn't Know How  MrPlow
Mainpage 02/16 20:52  commerce department recommends quotas or tariffs on steel and aluminum  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 02/16 22:54  Microsoft and Accenture are working on ID2020. Everyone gets a digital ID with BitCoin technology!  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 02/18 17:03  Confirmation of Google Blacklisting Independent Media Websites  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 02/18 18:24  Russian nationals killed in US airstrikes in Syria  khallow
Politics 02/19 04:27  ‘Alt-right’ Oregon State student-government member ousted in overwhelming recall vote   aristarchus
Mainpage 02/19 18:58  New World Record on Drinking Ketchup from a Bottle Through a Straw  canopic jug
Mainpage 02/19 20:40  Microsoft Document Details Windows 10 on ARM Limitations  takyon
Mainpage 02/19 23:32  Ubuntu Wants PCs' Vital Stats – Like Location – And Make It 'Opt Out'  requerdanos

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Mainpage 02/20 11:06 Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood 50th Anniversary Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 02/20 09:33 Scientists Grow Sheep Embryos Containing Human Cells takyon
Mainpage 02/20 08:03 Amidst Election Security Worries, Suddenly, Paper Ballots Are Making a Comeback Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 02/20 06:29 Nov. 9th "Scuffle" Over the "Nuclear Football" in China takyon
Mainpage 02/20 05:06 Indian Scientists Find Anti-Cancer Properties in Three Rice Varieties Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 02/20 03:31 Blood and Urine Tests for Autism May be Possible takyon
Politics 02/20 01:59 James Damore's Labor Complaint Against Google Was Completely Shut Down aristarchus
Mainpage 02/20 00:46 How UK Spies Hacked a European Ally and Got Away With It Arik