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Mainpage 01/19 06:21  Apple Watch Calls Police to a Gym for Shooting   Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 01/19 19:26  Carnivorous Oyster Mushrooms Can Kill Roundworms With “Nerve Gas in a Lollipop”  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 01:01  37 Million T-Mobile Customers Were Hacked  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 14:05  Twitter’s New Developer Terms Ban Third-party Clients  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 16:59  RF-Induced Heating of Implanted Medical Devices in MRI Systems  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:02  Apple Appeals to UK Competition Watchdog Investigation About Mobile Browser Dominance  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:03  Attorneys: Jamaica's Usain Bolt Missing $12.7M From Account  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:03  Finance Firm Tells Sprinter Usain Bolt It Doesn't Know What Happened to His $12.7 Million  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:05  Google to Lay Off 12,000 Workers  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:06  Soft Targets: FBI Warned Utilities That White Supremacists Were Targeting Energy Infrastructure  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:10  TikTok Warned of EU Ban If It Doesn't Comply With Online Regulations  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:18  Ghost Knifefish Make Electric 'Chirps' to Spot Where Other Fish are  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:20  Google Parent Company Alphabet Lays Off 12K Employees, as Big Tech Job Cuts Continue - SlashGear  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:21  Jetoptera VTOL Takes Aircraft to a Whole New Level - SlashGear  upstart
Mainpage 01/20 17:26  Just a Moment...  upstart
Mainpage 01/21 09:15  Just a Moment...  upstart
Mainpage 01/21 09:18  Ireland’s Data Protection Watchdog Fines WhatsApp €5.5m  upstart
Mainpage 01/21 10:24  NASA Recovers Artemis 1 Manikins From Orion Spacecraft  upstart
Mainpage 01/21 10:28  Hacker Reportedly Gets Hands on Massive No-Fly List of Alleged Terrorist Suspects  upstart
Mainpage 01/22 16:45  The Biggest US Surveillance Program You Didn’t Know About  upstart
Mainpage 01/24 13:45  Netflix’s New Chapter  upstart
Mainpage 01/24 14:58  Can Science Finally Create a Decent Cup of Decaf?  upstart
Mainpage 01/24 18:24  Rocket Lab Set to Try its First US-based Launch Again  upstart
Mainpage 01/24 18:50  Just a Moment...  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 04:08  Appliance Makers Sad That 50% of Customers Won't Connect Smart Appliances  hubie
Mainpage 01/25 14:33  Pluralistic: Daily Links From Cory Doctorow  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:34  Researchers Look a Dinosaur in its Remarkably Preserved Face  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:35  As Egg Prices Soar, the Deadliest Bird Flu Outbreak in US History Drags on  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:37  SpaceX Completes Fueling Test, Will Now Work Toward Massive Engine Firing Test  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:40  Powering Offshore Wind Farms With Numerical Modeling of Subsea Cables  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:41  Portable Life-Support Device Provides Critical Care in Conflict and Disaster Zones  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 14:43  Mathematicians Find an Infinity of Possible Black Hole Shapes  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:46  Asteroid-Mining Startup Plans First Private Mission to Deep Space  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:47  Large Study Finds Link Between Viral Infections and Future Brain Illness  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:50  Data Breaches Hit Lots More People in 2022  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:58  YouTube Accused of Using Return-to-office Policies to Thwart Union Organizers  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 18:59  Microsoft Announces $52.7 Billion in Q2 Revenue Amid Plans to Layoff 10,000 Workers  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 19:05  Data Breach May Have Leaked Classified Law Enforcement Operations Information to Criminals  upstart
Mainpage 01/25 19:08  Space Dust Reveals Earth-killer Asteroids Hard to Destroy  upstart
Mainpage 01/26 17:54  Reverse-engineering the Intel 8086 processor's HALT circuits   owl
Mainpage 01/26 20:41  MSG probed over use of facial recognition to eject lawyers from show venues  Freeman
Mainpage 01/26 23:36  Antibiotic resistance induced by the widespread use of… antidepressants?  Freeman
Mainpage 01/27 01:12  3D Printing Reaches New Heights with Two-story Home  fliptop
Mainpage 01/27 13:01  GM Hiring Tech Talent Laid Off By Silicon Valley Companies  fliptop

Pending Stories

Mainpage 01/28 19:52 The Story Behind ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) owl
Mainpage 01/28 15:05 By Learning to Hunt Otters, Wolves Decimate (Annihilate) a Deer Population Freeman
Mainpage 01/28 10:20 Federal Court Says Scraping Court Records is Most Likely Protected by the First Amendment upstart
Mainpage 01/28 05:37 Ketchup Isn't a Good Thermal Paste, but It's Better Than Cheese or Toothpaste upstart
Mainpage 01/28 00:52 Scientists Propose Turning Abandoned Mines Into Super-Efficient Gravity Batteries upstart
Mainpage 01/27 22:05 RSA's Demise From Quantum Attacks is Very Much Exaggerated, Expert Says Freeman
Mainpage 01/27 19:22 NASA Ultrasound Technique Eliminates Kidney Stones Painlessly upstart
Mainpage 01/27 16:36 US Marines Defeat DARPA Robot by Hiding Under a Cardboard Box owl