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Mainpage 05/11 08:58  Vox  upstart
Mainpage 05/11 08:59  Verge  upstart
Mainpage 05/11 18:49  COVID vaccine nerdery: mucosal immunity  Beryllium Sphere (r)
Mainpage 05/11 18:56  Shopify CEO Email to Managers: We are Not a Family  upstart
Mainpage 05/11 20:29  Black Americans Make Up Only 5.4% of Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients, CDC Finds  upstart
Mainpage 05/12 10:58  1.5°C Degrowth Scenarios Suggest Need for New Mitigation Pathways: Research  upstart
Mainpage 05/12 10:59  Heme is Not Just for Impossible Burgers  upstart
Mainpage 05/12 11:14  Physicists Extract Proton Mass Radius From Experimental Data----Chinese Academy of Sciences  upstart
Mainpage 05/12 11:16  Philosopher’s Thumbs-down to Social Media ‘Likes’ Gets Award Thumbs-up From Royal Institute  upstart
Mainpage 05/12 11:33  MOF Metallic Mastery | KAUST Discovery  upstart
Mainpage 05/13 04:10  Security Researcher Successfully Jailbreaks an Apple AirTag  upstart
Mainpage 05/13 04:10  Ransomware Crooks Post Cops’ Psych Evaluations After Talks With DC Police Stall  upstart
Mainpage 05/13 04:10  Baltimore Chief Prosecutor Asks FCC to Stop Negative News Coverage About Her  upstart
Mainpage 05/13 04:47  AirTag Hacked for the First Time by Security Researcher [Video] - 9to5Mac  upstart
Mainpage 05/13 06:38  NASA really wants a Mars sample return mission. Here's what's in store.  Eratosthenes
Mainpage 05/13 10:27  Young Korean Couples are Gifting Each Other Tesla Stocks, Not Flowers  upstart
Mainpage 05/13 10:53  Covid: Serious Failures in WHO and Global Response, Report Finds  upstart
Mainpage 05/13 17:46  Fatal Tesla Model S crash unlikely to involve Autopilot, according to NTSB  Freeman
Mainpage 05/13 22:14  Official: Repairs to Interstate Bridge Could Take Months  upstart
Mainpage 05/14 09:14  Chemical Giants Hid Dangers of "Forever Chemicals" (6:2 FTOH) in Food Packaging  takyon
Mainpage 05/14 09:22  Crypto Miners Could Soon Flood Ebay With Cheap CPUs, Motherboards and SSDs Acquired Via GPU Bundle P  upstart
Mainpage 05/14 10:05  Israel's Bombing of Gaza Apartment Buildings Could be a War Crime, Human Rights Groups Warn  upstart
Mainpage 05/14 10:09  Colonial Pipeline Attack Linked to Microsoft Exchange [Updated]  upstart
Mainpage 05/14 10:38  Italy Fines Google €100 Million for Shutting Out Rival’s Smartphone App  upstart
Mainpage 05/14 12:03  Tech Audit of Colonial Pipeline Found 'Glaring' Problems  upstart
Mainpage 05/14 12:05  IBM on Track With Next-level, Quantum Qubit Computer by 2023  upstart
Mainpage 05/14 14:13  Kaspersky claims CIA hackers could actually be behind US Colonial Pipeline attack  Mojibake Tengu
Mainpage 05/14 14:14  Eight from Yankees test positive for Covid in post-vaccine breakthrough cases   Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 05/14 14:27  Singapore announces new restrictions after vaccinated airport workers become infected.  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 05/14 18:03  Russia Announces Actor and Director for First-ever Movie Made in Space  upstart
Mainpage 05/15 01:08  Windows 'Night light' is unlikely to help you sleep better, but it still has a purpose  mrpg
Mainpage 05/15 12:58  Internet Computer Cryptocurrency set to take on Bitcoin and reinvent the Internet  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 05/15 14:11  Twitter and Facebook begs user to allow tracking  looorg
Mainpage 05/15 16:31  DPC must now stop Facebook's EU-US data transfers  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 05/15 17:18  Linux and Open-source Communities Rise to Biden's Cybersecurity Challenge  upstart
Mainpage 05/15 17:26  Nikkei Asia  upstart
Mainpage 05/15 17:28  Nikkei Asia  upstart
Mainpage 05/15 17:34  Nikkei Asia  upstart
Mainpage 05/15 18:12  Big Pharma Executives Mocked West Virginia "Pillbillies" During Height of Opioid Epidemic - National  upstart
Mainpage 05/16 02:05  The Cerebellum May Have Played an Important Role in the Evolution of the Human Brain: Study Compares  upstart
Mainpage 05/16 02:06  Bats Know the Speed of Sound From Birth, Scientists Discovery  upstart
Mainpage 05/16 02:07  Earliest Evidence of Humans Changing Ecosystems With Fire  upstart
Mainpage 05/16 02:08  Scientists Generate Human-monkey Chimeric Embryos  upstart
Politics 05/16 02:09  Icy Clouds Could Have Kept Early Mars Warm Enough for Rivers and Lakes  upstart
Mainpage 05/16 10:00  Injectable Chips are Here  Frosty Piss
Mainpage 05/16 23:43  Microsoft Board Had Gates Investigated for Relationship, DJ Says  NPC-131072
Mainpage 05/17 03:07  Alleged U.S. Capitol Rioter Patrick Montgomery Faces Arrest After Hunting Mountain Lion   aristarchus

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Mainpage 05/17 10:38 Sharks Use Earth's Magnetic Fields to Guide them Like a Map upstart
Mainpage 05/17 08:02 How to Design a Sailing Ship for the 21st Century? canopic jug
Mainpage 05/17 05:29 Desperate for Workers, US Restaurants and Stores Raise Pay upstart