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Mainpage 01/12 23:03  A New Look at Earth’s Lightning – From a Sensor Installed on the International Space Station  upstart
Mainpage 01/13 04:34  Long-Awaited Clockwork Pi DevTerm Released, Research Shows Apt Has Been Compromised since September   Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 01/13 13:54  Programming Volume Controls  owl
Mainpage 01/13 17:39  5.5 mm in 1.25 nanoseconds  owl
Mainpage 01/13 20:17  Finding a CPU Design Bug in the Xbox 360  owl
Mainpage 01/13 21:13  Microwave hack replaces flat keypad with mechanical keyboard switches  Freeman
Mainpage 01/14 03:03  Risky Food-finding Strategy Could be the Key to Human Success: Creative Free Time May Have Come From  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 03:05  Unusual Team Finds Gigantic Planet Hidden in Plain Sight: Gas Giant is Much Closer to Earth Than Oth  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 14:16  SpaceX Abandons Starlink Plan That Amazon Objected To, but Fight Isn’t Over  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 14:17  Falcon 9 Completes Launch, Has Now Lifted 550 Satellites Into Orbit [Updated]  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 14:49  Scammers Put Fake QR Codes on Parking Meters to Intercept Parkers’ Payments  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 14:49  Wordle and IP Law: What Happens When a Hot Game Gets Cloned  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 15:29  50 Years Ago, NASA’s Space Shuttle Program Got the Green Light  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 15:51  The Largest Group of Nesting Fish Ever Found Lives Beneath Antarctic Ice  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 15:51  Astronomers Identified a Second Possible Exomoon  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 15:52  All-in-one Flexible Supercapacitor With Ultra-stable Performance Under Extreme Load  upstart
Mainpage 01/14 20:08  Infants With Low-risk Deliveries Should Not Need Antibiotics at Birth, Study Suggests  upstart
Mainpage 01/15 01:47  The First AI Breast Cancer Sleuth That Shows its Work: New AI for Mammography Scans Aims to Aid Rath  upstart
Mainpage 01/15 18:19  What Happens When the World’s Most Populous Country Starts to Shrink  upstart
Mainpage 01/15 18:49  By the End of This Century, the Global Population Will Start to Shrink  upstart
Mainpage 01/16 02:51  Do We Get Our Most Creative Ideas When Walking?  upstart
Mainpage 01/16 03:21  Backdoor for Windows, macOS, and Linux Went Undetected Until Now  upstart
Mainpage 01/16 03:22  The Underground Network Bringing Japan’s Arcades to the US  upstart
Mainpage 01/16 03:33  New SysJoker Backdoor Targets Windows, macOS, and Linux  upstart
Mainpage 01/17 02:40  Newly Discovered Type of “Strange Metal” – Material That Shares Fundamental Quantum Attributes With   upstart
Politics 01/17 06:11  What Happens When the "End Times" are Now?   aristarchus
Mainpage 01/17 15:10  Evolution Follows Climate: Oaks Adapted Rapidly to Climate Change in the Anthropocene  upstart
Mainpage 01/17 17:26  ‘Virtual reality is genuine reality’ so embrace it, says US philosopher  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 01/17 18:29  Mozilla Stops Accepting Cryptocurrency, Wikipedia May be Next: are Dominos Falling?  upstart
Mainpage 01/17 18:30  Russia Arrests REvil Ransomware Gang Members at Request of US Officials  upstart
Mainpage 01/17 18:36  Here's How US Lawmakers Could Finally Rein in Facebook  upstart
Mainpage 01/17 18:40  Researchers Demonstrate Multimodal Transistor in Artificial Neural Networks  upstart
Mainpage 01/17 18:45  Major Improvements in Quantum Fidelity  upstart
Mainpage 01/17 18:53  Linux Malware is on the Rise. Here are Three Top Threats Right Now  upstart
Mainpage 01/17 18:56  2G's Security Weaknesses are Still a Problem, Even for Modern Phones  upstart
Mainpage 01/18 15:24  5G Phones: How Serious is the Threat to US Flights?  upstart
Mainpage 01/18 15:25  Sweden Drones: Sightings Reported Over Nuclear Plants and Palace  upstart
Mainpage 01/18 15:29  How Next-gen Satellites are Transforming Our View of Climate Change  upstart
Mainpage 01/18 15:30  Exclusive: U.S. Examining Alibaba's Cloud Unit for National Security Risks  upstart
Mainpage 01/18 15:33  AMD RX 6500 XT Pricing Looks Like Seriously Bad News for a ‘Budget’ GPU  upstart
Mainpage 01/18 15:36  Hormone Therapy Treatments May Increase Survival Rate in Prostate Cancer Patients  upstart
Mainpage 01/18 19:28  Google Might’ve Accidentally Approved an Ad for a Target Gift Card Scam  upstart
Mainpage 01/18 19:58  Will 5G mobile networks in the US really interfere with aircraft ?  AnonTechie
Mainpage 01/18 20:08  More Than Two-Thirds of Adverse COVID-19 Vaccine Events Are Due to Placebo Effect  aristarchus
Mainpage 01/19 05:11  Autopilot Crash Results in Felony Charges for Tesla Driver, a First for Driver-Assistance Tech  upstart

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Mainpage 01/20 01:12 Study: Basic Income Would Not Reduce People's Willingness to Work upstart
Mainpage 01/19 22:36 More Than Two-Thirds of Adverse COVID-19 Vaccine Events are Due to Placebo Effect upstart
Mainpage 01/19 19:49 Now You Can Rent a Robot Worker—for Less Than Paying a Human owl
Mainpage 01/19 16:53 Samsung Announces Exynos 2200 SoC with AMD RDNA2 Graphics takyon
Mainpage 01/19 14:03 Open Invention Network Expands Linux Patent Protection upstart
Mainpage 01/19 11:19 Microsoft Warns of Destructive Disk Wiper Targeting Ukraine Anonymous Coward