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Politics 04/14 05:43  Kansas Secretary of State Finally Convicts an Immigrant of a Voting Irregularity  -- OriginalOwner_
Mainpage 04/15 16:04  San Diego's new minimum wage already may be killing jobs - The San Diego Union-Tribune  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/21 16:09  Outsourcing   Appalbarry
Mainpage 04/22 07:33  The Third Shoe May Drop in France  frojack
Mainpage 04/22 20:31  Secure your SSH using two-factor authentication on Ubuntu 16.04 – Blog  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/23 15:57  Don't be blue: Four 'Avatar' sequels now have release dates  exec
Mainpage 04/24 23:44  Circular table saw that won't cut off your finger  Gaaark
Mainpage 04/27 03:42  Proto-humans near San Diego?  butthurt
Politics 04/27 04:14  Wall Street Says "Thanks, Barry"; Obama to Get 400k "Speaking Fee"  -- OriginalOwner_
Mainpage 04/27 06:14  U.S. Fires ICBM at Marshall Islands   Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 04/27 09:54  Mexican & Canadian Stocks & Currencies Drop on NAFTA Rumour  butthurt
Mainpage 04/28 16:26  nomx: The world's most secure communications protocol  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/28 16:31  Punching Holes in nomx, the World's “Most Secure” Communications Protocol  Fnord666
Mainpage 04/28 17:52  Kali Linux Can Now Use Cloud GPUs for Password-cracking  Phoenix666
Mainpage 04/28 17:59  SNMP Authentication Bypass Plagues Numerous Devices  Phoenix666
Politics 04/28 21:10  NSA Halts Email and Text Collection  Lagg
Mainpage 04/28 22:08  An "Iceball" is the Lowest Mass Exoplanet Ever Discovered With Microlensing  takyon
Mainpage 04/28 22:22  The Dark Web Consists of Antisocial "Dark Silos"  takyon
Mainpage 04/28 23:39  Baby Humpback Whales "Whisper" To Their Mothers  takyon
Mainpage 04/28 23:48  Paper on Microplastic's Harm to Fish Will Likely be Retracted  takyon
Mainpage 04/29 02:13  Music Festival in Bahamas is Cancelled  butthurt

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Mainpage 04/29 21:38 GRUB 2.02 Released butthurt
Mainpage 04/29 20:05 Settlement Over Alleged Misconduct in Boston Stem Cell Lab takyon
Mainpage 04/29 18:32 Tech Giants Seek Changes to California Self-Driving Car Policies takyon
Mainpage 04/29 16:59 British Inventor Takes Flight in 'Iron Man' Suit Phoenix666
Mainpage 04/29 15:26 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Hotline Trolled With Extraterrestrial and Muggle Sightings takyon
Mainpage 04/29 13:57 Russian-controlled Telecom Hijacks Financial Services’ Internet Traffic Phoenix666
Mainpage 04/29 12:24 Dawn Spacecraft's Third Reaction Wheel Fails takyon
Mainpage 04/29 10:51 Man Arrested for Phishing Over $100 Million from Google and Facebook takyon
Mainpage 04/29 09:17 Banks Should Let Ancient Programming Language COBOL Die MrPlow
Mainpage 04/29 07:44 Western Digital Begins Shipping 12 TB Helium-Filled Drives with 8 Platters takyon
Mainpage 04/29 06:11 Libreboot Applies to Rejoin GNU MrPlow
Politics 04/29 05:28 China Bans Islam-Related Names in Xinjiang takyon
Mainpage 04/29 04:38 Eyes Fashion with Echo Look butthurt