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Mainpage 04/04 04:53  Merge: Fnord666 (04/04 04:53 GMT)  Fnord666
Mainpage 04/04 05:06  Blocking the Iron Transport Could Stop Tuberculosis  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:09  Older People Generally More Emotionally Healthy, Better Able to Resist Daily Temptations  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:13  Senator mad that Zoom not actually offering the encryption his law will outlaw  DannyB
Mainpage 04/04 05:15  Deep-sea Rocks on Earth Spark New Hope for Finding Life on Mars  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:17  'The Phone Slipped Into the Bath': Conference Call Tales  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:19  This is the bizarre and deep-rooted phenomenon driving the right's coronavirus miracle-cure mania  aristarchus
Mainpage 04/04 05:20  Scrutiny Needed for Teleconferencing Software and Their Backing Companies  canopic jug
Mainpage 04/04 05:22  NASA Expands Groundwater Maps Globally to Help Reveal Remote Droughts  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:23  Campus is Closed, So College Students are Rebuilding Their Schools in Minecraft<  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:27  Hubble finds best evidence for elusive mid-sized black hole  exec
Mainpage 04/04 05:28  This Fingerprint-verified Smart Lock Can be Foiled by a Magnet  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:30  Jeff Bezos' Space Company is Pressuring Employees to Launch a Tourist Rocket During the Pandemic  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:31  Everlane Customer Experience Workers Say They Were Illegally Laid Off  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:32  OneWeb Goes Bankrupt, Lays Off Staff, Will Sell Satellite-broadband Business  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:32  eBay is Waiving Seller Fees for New Businesses to Help Shuttered Retailers Move Online  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:34  Frontier Prepares for Bankruptcy, Regrets Failure to Install Enough Fiber  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:36  Direct human ancestor Homo erectus is older than we thought  exec
Mainpage 04/04 05:36  Security tips every teacher and professor needs to know about Zoom, right now  exec
Mainpage 04/04 05:38  Activision Has a First Amendment Right to Use Humvees in Call of Duty  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:39  This Xbox Creator Baked Ancient Bread With 4,000-year-old-yeast  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:40  New York Finally Legalizes Electric Bikes and Scooters  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:41  $12.8 Billion Juul Investment Broke the Law, FTC Suit Says  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 05:42  Amazon Executives Privately Insulted a Warehouse Worker, Then Attacked Him on Twitter  upstart
Mainpage 04/04 06:03  Titles and Links to original submissions from my accidental merger  Fnord666
Mainpage 04/04 11:29  Google Releases Location Data For Tracking COVID-19 Cases  Anonymous Coward

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Mainpage 04/04 18:04 Firefox 74.0.1 and ESR 68.6.1 Released Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 04/04 15:43 Security and Privacy Implications of Zoom upstart