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Mainpage 10/13 12:38  China’s Solar Power Has Reached Price Parity With Coal  upstart
Mainpage 10/13 14:37  VICE  MrPlow
Mainpage 10/13 23:18  Astronomers Found a Planet That Survived Its Star’s Death  Mockingbird
Mainpage 10/14 01:23  Garden Statues Turn Out to be Ancient Egyptian Relics, Selling for $265,000  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 01:24  Quarks and Antiquarks at High Momentum Shake the Foundations of Visible Matter: New Results on Nucle  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 01:29  Stress on Mothers Can Influence Biology of Future Generations  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 07:32  Solar storm hits Earth, bringing northern lights to New York | Space  MrPlow
Mainpage 10/14 08:30  WHO Honours Henrietta Lacks, Whose Cells Changed Medicine  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 18:39  Missouri Governor Vows to Prosecute St. Louis Post-Dispatch for Reporting Security Vulnerability  owl
Mainpage 10/14 19:42  SN Poll Ideas  DannyB
Mainpage 10/14 20:41  Ausome: Non-Toxic Technology Extracts More Gold From Ore  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 20:56  Snakes Diversified Explosively After the Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 22:33  How the Brain Ignores Distracting Information to Coordinate Movements: the Latest Research Has Impli  upstart
Mainpage 10/14 22:34  How Highly Processed Foods Harm Memory in the Aging Brain: Study in Animals Suggests Omega-3 May Red  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 10:03  Confused Governor Says Looking at Webpage's HTML is Criminal Hacking [addendum]  canopic jug
Mainpage 10/15 14:29  Analysis | Should Computer Science be Required in High Schools?  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 14:35  China's FAST Telescope Could Detect Self-replicating Alien Probes  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 14:39  Who's Been Kissing Who? Prairie Dog 'Greet Kisses' Reveal Complex Social Networks  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 15:27  British Columbia woman nearly hit by meteorite that crashed through bedroom ceiling  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 10/15 17:39  The World's Electronic Waste This Year Will Weigh More Than the Great Wall of China  NPC-131072
Mainpage 10/15 18:51  Most Canadians believe Facebook harms their mental health, survey suggests  owl
Mainpage 10/15 19:28  Pine Phone Pro announced  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 10/15 20:13  International Team of Astronomers Reports on Largest-ever Observed Set of Mysterious Fast Radio Burs  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 20:14  Immense Set of Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 23:47  Unusually Early Stratospheric Warming Event is Starting, With More to Follow, Having a Yet Unknown E  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 23:47  Lego to Remove Gender Bias From its Toys After Findings of Child Survey  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 23:48  Amazon Copied Products and Rigged Search Results, Documents Show  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 23:48  'India Has Set Aside Over 17.41% of its Geographical Area for Meeting Conservation Objectives'  upstart
Mainpage 10/15 23:49  Missouri's Governor Vows to Prosecute a Reporter Who Told the State About a Data Security Risk  upstart
Mainpage 10/16 01:04  Ultrafast Magnetism: Heating Magnets, Freezing Time  upstart
Mainpage 10/16 20:10  Dark Matter Alternative Passes Big Test  mhajicek
Mainpage 10/17 04:00  Fertility Rates Have Dropped to the Lowest Since 1938 – but With the Odds Stacked Against Women in B  upstart
Mainpage 10/17 04:01  Ocean Cleanup Device Shows It Can Remove Plastic From the Pacific  upstart
Mainpage 10/17 04:01  Apple Takes Down Quran App in China  upstart
Mainpage 10/18 04:21  Sony Threatens Dbrand With Legal Action Over PS5 Plates  upstart
Mainpage 10/18 07:23  Russian Actress and Director Return to Earth After a Movie Shoot in Space  upstart
Mainpage 10/18 09:27  Microsoft Fixes AMD CPU Performance Issue With New Windows 11 Test Build  upstart
Mainpage 10/18 09:33  NASA is Studying How to Build a Wi-Fi Network on the Moon in the Hopes It Could Also Solve Earth's D  upstart
Mainpage 10/18 13:18  Sinclair TV Stations Crippled by Weekend Ransomware Attack  upstart
Mainpage 10/18 13:20  Expansion of Wind and Solar Power Too Slow to Stop Climate Change  upstart
Mainpage 10/18 16:59  Lucy’s solar panel hasn’t latched—a problem for a mission powered by the Sun  Freeman

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Mainpage 10/18 22:27 Credit Card PINs Can be Guessed Even When Covering the ATM Pad upstart