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Mainpage 07/26 10:45  Coffee Froths to New Highs as Brazil Frost Hits Crops - France 24  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:47  Why Planting Tons of Trees Isn’t Enough to Solve Climate Change  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:48  US Set for Punishing Temperatures as Huge ‘Heat Dome’ to Settle Over Country  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:49  Colorado 10-year-old Dies as Health Officials Investigate Plague Activity  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:49  China to Activate World's First 'Clean' Nuclear Reactor in September  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:50  Las Vegas Murder Case Cracked With Smallest Ever Amount of DNA  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:50  Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson Not Yet Astronauts, US Says  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:52  'Have Him Die Somewhere Else,' Homeowners Yell as Man Attempts Lifesaving Efforts on Their Lawn  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:54  Biden Admin Proposes Raising Penalties for Hospitals That Don't Disclose Certain Prices  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 10:56  Facebook Moderators Call for End to NDAs, 'Culture of Fear'  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 11:03  Australia once reveled in being ‘lucky country’ on Covid-19. Now weary Aussies ‘feel like prisoners'  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/26 11:03  Chinese Satellite Reveals Global Net Carbon Has Reached Six Gigatons  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 11:04  Facing Years in Prison, Daniel Hale Makes Case Against U.S. Drone Program  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 11:04  Amazon is Creating Company Towns Across the United States  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 11:08  Plans for Largest US Solar Field North of Vegas Scrapped  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 11:09  Finland Ends Homelessness and Provides Shelter for All in Need -  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 15:51  The West’s Moral Cowardice Over Animal Rights Has Helped China to Become a World Leader in Biotech R  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 15:51  Attitudes Towards Experimenting on Monkeys are Diverging  upstart
Mainpage 07/26 21:25  Toxicity Studies on Graphene-Based Nanomaterials in Aquatic Organisms: Current Understanding - PubMe  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 00:33  Athletes Tested Out the Cardboard Beds on TikTok at Tokyo Olympics  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 06:15  Banks Really Don't Like Biden's Push to Make It Easier to Move Your Money  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 08:14  Dell Can't Ship Majority of Alienware Gaming PCs to California, Colorado, and Other States Due to Po  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 08:21  Everything You'll Lose From Windows 10 When You Upgrade to Windows 11  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 08:41  iFixit Calls Framework’s New Laptop “Almost Perfect”  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 10:38  Police are Telling ShotSpotter to Alter Evidence From Gunshot-Detecting AI  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 11:32  New Zealand pandemic policies pushed 18,000 children into poverty, study shows  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/27 12:25  Harvard Researchers Discover a New Real-Life Spidey Sense  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 12:26  Toyota is Quietly Pushing Congress to Slow the Shift to Electric Vehicles  upstart
Mainpage 07/27 12:30  Announcing a New Plan for Solving the Mystery of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena  upstart
Mainpage 07/28 03:24  Israel-Gaza conflict: Apparent war crimes committed, says rights group  Eratosthenes
Mainpage 07/28 08:26  Parts of Southern Europe Will be Baking With Around 40-45 °C as the Most Intense Heatwave of Summer   upstart
Mainpage 07/28 08:38  Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Sentenced to 45 Months in Prison 'for Exposing US War Crimes'  upstart
Mainpage 07/28 08:50  Factories of the Future: We're Spending Heavily to Give Workers Skills They Won't Need by 2030  upstart
Mainpage 07/28 13:43  Jim Browning, Arch-Scambaiter, got Scammed  Nuke
Mainpage 07/28 14:34  Quantum Computing Startup PsiQuantum Raises $450M To Build Error Corrected Quantum Quantum Computer  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/28 19:38  Workers Who Fix Apple Laptops Say Facility is a 'Sweatshop'  upstart
Mainpage 07/28 22:16  From Stolen Laptop to Inside the Company Network  Anonymous Coward
Meta 07/28 22:37  Easy USB Mouse Jiggler to Prevent Screensaver  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/29 07:51  Pentagon May Allow Lifesaving Wildfire-tracking System to Expire, Report Says  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 08:07  Masks Will Return to the U.S. House and White House After the CDC Changes Guidance  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 08:08  ZZ Top Icon Dusty Hill Has Died at the Age of 72, Band Says  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 08:14  Researchers are Testing Concrete That Could Charge Your EV While You Drive  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 08:15  China's Ties to Taliban Warm Ahead of US Leaving Afghanistan  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 08:15  Mexico President: Sending Fuel Cargo for Cuba is Their Sovereign Decision  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 10:06  Oregon Governor Signs Ambitious Clean Energy Bill  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 12:37  New Zealand Rated Best Place to Survive Global Societal Collapse  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 12:52  TuSimple's Self-driving Trucks to Use Ryder Sites as Terminals  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 12:54  Don't Try to Replace Pets With Robots  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 12:55  AI: Will Machines Take Over the World or We Will Control Them With Brainchips?  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 14:03  TotalEnergies, Amazon Form Partnership on Electricity Supply and Online Strategy  upstart
Mainpage 07/29 14:15  Nobel Prize-winning Physicist Steven Weinberg Dies at 88  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 01:09  Disinformation for Hire, a Shadow Industry, Is Quietly Booming  aristarchus
Mainpage 07/30 03:56  Blood Groups of Neandertals and Denisova Decrypted  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 13:58  The Record by Recorded Future  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 16:24  Women are Claiming Increase in Breast Size From the Pfizer Vaccine  upstart
Mainpage 07/30 20:54  Get Ready for the 'No-Buy' List  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 07/30 22:00  Vivaldi Browser | Now With Built-in Translate, Mail, and Calendar  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 13:08  Vivaldi Introduces Accordion Tabs and Command Chains  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 13:10  Review | You’re Going to be Asked to Prove Your Vaccination Status. Here’s How to Do It.  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 22:04  10 Best Practices to Write Readable and Maintainable SQL Code  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 22:05  Moderate Alcohol Drinking Associated With Lower Risk of Heart Attack and Death in Those With CVD  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 22:19  ‘Like a Scary Movie’: Heat Wave Hits Pacific Northwest Again as Residents Fear This is the New Norma  upstart
Mainpage 07/31 23:08  Google’s quantum computer supposedly just made a time crystal  aristarchus
Mainpage 07/31 23:24  Trevor Milton of Nikola Motor Charged with Fraud 
Mainpage 08/01 05:11  New Australian Law Allows Employers to Scan Internet History  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/01 19:59  Watch 2 Olympians Agree to Share the Gold in Rare and Heartwarming Tie  upstart
Mainpage 08/01 20:51  Watch Two Olympians Agree to Share the Gold in Rare and Heartwarming Tie  martyb

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Mainpage 08/02 10:02 Cuba Interfering With Amateur Radio Transmissions takyon