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Suicidal Airport Employee Steals Passenger Plane, Intercepted By NORAD F-15s, Crashes

Accepted submission by MichaelDavidCrawford at 2018-08-11 09:44:38 from the tomorrow-might-have-been-a-better-day-dept dept.

He stole a 77-seat Bombardier Q400 from Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Two NORAD F-15s scrambled from Portland. He was in contact with Air Traffic Control, apologized to his family. Said he was unwilling to land at a military base because "they would rough me up". Directed out over the Pacific by the fighters, crashed on an uninhabited island in Puget Sound.

A witness claimed he did a loop-de-loop but I didn't see it in his video.

I am completely convinced that suicidal depression can always be cured.

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