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Meet Iraq's Newest Military Asset, an Armed Drone

Accepted submission by SanityCheck at 2015-10-13 14:49:03

This article talks about the newest addition to the Iraqi Air Force, a drone []. Surely this is unremarkable piece of equipment, we seen it before right? [] Except upon closer inspection (or by reading TFA, which is less likely) you quickly realize it is not in fact the U.S. made Predator drone, but a Chinese CH-4 []. The CH-4 is far from a cheap knock-off, but instead is claimed to be superior in every way [] to the U.S. drone. It sports such revolutionary additions as longer wing-span, bigger payload, and of course "upside down tail thingy."

Is this a story of every increasing proliferation of armed drones around the world, the willingness of some nations to export advance hardware anywhere, or simply a piece about military/industrial espionage? You be the judge.

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