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Mozilla Corporation: Thunderbird is a "tax," likely to be Dropped

Accepted submission by joekiser at 2015-12-01 18:02:55

In this Ars article [], Mozilla Corporation Chair Mitchell Baker discloses the desire to drop the Thunderbird email client altogether.

From the article: "Many inside of Mozilla, including an overwhelming majority of our leadership, feel the need to be laser-focused on activities [] like Firefox that can have an industry-wide impact []."

Thunderbird has already been demoted to second-tier status, receiving only security updates since the summer of 2012 []. Baker's plan would turn Thunderbird over to a community product, similar to what happened with the Mozilla Suite [] a decade ago.

Is Mozilla's decision to laser-focus [] on improving Firefox going to stop their dwindling market share? Who else, besides the submitter, is still using Thunderbird? And where will you go once Thunderbird is no longer supported?

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