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Soylent News has a Top 1000 Folding@Home Team!

Accepted submission by Sir Finkus at 2016-04-26 16:32:31

I'm thrilled to report that the Soylent News Folding@Home team is now ranked among the top 1000 folding teams [] in the world! As of this submission, we are currently at rank 996. The team has been active for just over two months and has made impressive progress. [] Thank you to all who have participated.

Current team member rankings follow:
1 cmn32480
2 Beldin65
3 LTKKane
4 Kymation
5 tibman
6 meisterister
7 Runaway1956
8 kurenai.tsubasa
9 SirFinkus
10 NotSanguine

If you'd like additional information, or would like to join our team, there is more information available here [], or feel free to join us in #folding on

SUBMITTER NOTE This isn't quite ready to be posted yet, there's a bit of discrepancy with the official team page, and the teamoverclocking one. I'm sure the soylentils would LOVE to point that out. I'll poke an editor in IRC when the numbers make a bit more sense. I just noticed it while I was checking the links and didn't want to lose the submission.


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