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U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Net Neutrality Rules In Full

Accepted submission by mendax at 2016-06-14 16:10:53
Digital Liberty

In a bit of good news for the Obama administration (and most Americans), the U.S. D.C Circuit Court of Appeals .

High-speed internet service can be defined as a utility, a federal court has ruled, a decision clearing the way for more rigorous policing of broadband providers and greater protections for web users.

The court’s decision upholds the F.C.C. on the declaration of broadband as a utility, the most significant aspect of the rules. That has broad-reaching implications for web and telecommunications companies and signals a shift in the government’s view of broadband as a service that should be equally accessible to all Americans, rather than a luxury that does not need close government supervision.

The court's opinion can be found here [].

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