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SK Hynix Adds 4 GB HBM2 Memory Stacks to Catalog

Accepted submission by takyon at 2016-08-01 15:26:05

SK Hynix will begin mass production of 4 GB HBM2 memory stacks [] soon:

SK Hynix has quietly added its HBM Gen 2 memory stacks to its public product catalog earlier this month, which means that the start of mass production should be imminent. The company will first offer two types of new memory modules with the same capacity, but different transfer-rates, targeting graphics cards, HPC accelerators and other applications. Over time, the HBM2 family will get broader.

SK Hynix intends to initially offer its clients 4 GB HBM2 4Hi stack KGSDs (known good stack dies) based on 8 Gb DRAM devices. The memory devices will feature a 1024-bit bus as well as 1.6 GT/s (H5VR32ESM4H-12C) and 2.0 GT/s (H5VR32ESM4H-20C) data-rates, thus offering 204 GB/s and 256 GB/s peak bandwidth per stack.

Samsung has already manufactured 4 GB stacks. Eventually, there will also be 2 GB and 8 GB stacks available.

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