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Booby Trapped Daesh Drone Kills Kurdish Fighters; Wounds French Soldiers

Accepted submission by -- OriginalOwner_ at 2016-10-13 22:14:48

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Drones have previously been used by extremists in southwest Asia to gather information, but this is the first time a weaponized drone was successful for them.

The independent news outlet Morning Ledger reports []

The drone was seen and intercepted October 2 by Kurdish fighters in Northern Iraq. Kurdish fighters shot down the drone to prevent further spying from their enemies. They were also instructed by American commanders to shoot any small aircraft since there has been evidence of the ISIS trying to weaponize their drones.

They decided to take the drone apart back at their outpost[1] and as soon as they did, it exploded [][paywall []]. The explosion killed two Kurdish fighters, severely wounded two French soldiers, and lightly wounded the other French men on the scene.

[...]Prior to the drone attack that killed Kurdish fighters, ISIS had two unsuccessful tests in weaponizing their drones. The first two were witnessed by the Kurds and Americans, which led to the Americans' fire-at-will command for small aircraft.

"The explosive device inside was disguised as a battery--there was a very small amount of explosives in it, but it was enough to go off and kill them", said an American senior official.

[1] Reports conflict on this point.

Reuters reports []

The drone blew up when Peshmerga fighters tried to lift it after it crashed to the ground, Jabbar al-Yawar, secretary general of the autonomous Kurdish region's defense ministry, told Reuters. "It seems it was booby-trapped."

The French newspaper Le Monde reported on [October 11] that the drone had been intercepted in flight on Oct. 2 and exploded near the Kurdish and French soldiers when it hit the ground. It was unclear, Le Monde said, whether the drone was remotely detonated or carried a timed bomb.

[...]French government spokesman Stephane Le Foll confirmed the injuries.

"Yes. They were injured by a drone that landed and then exploded", he told reporters after a weekly cabinet meeting.

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