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Techrights turns 10 years old

Accepted submission by canopic jug at 2016-11-07 09:43:16
Digital Liberty

The site Techrights turns 10 years old []. Though now called Techrights, it was best known as Boycott Novell until 2010. It has become an internationally recognized site whose aim has been advocacy of digital rights with the goal of maximizing freedom, reducing surveillance, and generally promoting the sharing of knowledge. This, in turn, requires transparent systems, open licensing terms, no censorship, and active collaboration among parties. Its focus has always included the fight against software patents and in recent years it pays special attention to the goings on and intrigues within the European Patent Office and their attempt to bring by hook or crook software patents into Europe.

Patents on software became a pressing issue for Techrights around 2010 because they have been increasingly used against Free/libre software projects, not just proprietary makers small and large. There are usually several new posts each day [], many of which are categorized and indexed in the wiki [].

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