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Samsung Announces Electric Vehicle Battery Cell Enabling 310 Mile Range on a 20 Minute Charge

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-01-10 09:55:25

Samsung has announced a new battery cell for electric vehicles [] that could enable 20 minute fast charging. The company plans to get that time down to 5 to 10 minutes:

Samsung's SDI battery subsidiary announced a new battery cell designed for use in electric vehicles that offers improved density to manage a max range of up to 372 miles on a full charge, with a quick charge capacity that will help it regain 310 miles or so of charge on just 20 minutes of charging. Unveiled at the North American International Auto Show for the first time, the new battery tech come with a 10 percent decrease in the number of units and weight required vs. current production battery units made by Samsung SDI.

Mass production isn't set to begin until 2021, but the tech should arrive in time to supply the first crop of autonomous cars, which are also targeting street dates sometime within that year from a range of manufacturers. EV and self-driving are tied closely to one another, since both are crucial components for operating the kind of on-demand ride-sharing fleets planned by Ford, among others.

Also at Engadget []. Press release at Business Wire [].

Samsung's SDI division is the same company that made the batteries [] used in the Galaxy Note 7 as well as the upcoming Galaxy S8. Samsung will reportedly reveal the cause [] of the Galaxy Note 7 overheating issues later this month, but the batteries are not expected to be the culprit.

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