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The Turds Who Voted to Sell Out Your Online Privacy Get Their Faces Plastered on Billboards

Accepted submission by Phoenix666 at 2017-05-05 17:00:43
Digital Liberty

Last month, Congress voted to repeal [] FCC rules that would prevent internet service providers from selling your personal web browsing and app usage data. It was a decision that’s unpopular across the country [], regardless of party affiliation. If the politicians that voted in favor of the reversal thought no one would notice, there are some big ass signs in their districts that say otherwise.

The internet activists at the non-profit Fight for the Future [] have crowdfunded [] four billboards, so far, that shame the members of congress that voted for the repeal []. The lawmakers that have the honor of being called out will now have to see their face along the highway when they return home. Those lucky few are Marsha Blackburn [] (R-TN), Dean Heller [] (R-NV), John Rutherford [] (R-FL) and Jeff Flake [] (R-AZ). These four lawmakers accepted a combined $196,905 [] in campaign contributions from the telecom industry in the last election cycle. Blackburn, in particular, has been a longtime enemy of net neutrality. Just last year, she brought up SOPA and tried to frame it [] as an initiative that would have increased cybersecurity.

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