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Chelsea Manning Released From Prison, Remains on Active Duty Pending Appeal

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-05-17 13:45:36

Chelsea Manning has been freed from the Fort Leavenworth military prison [], according to a US Army spokesperson:

In January she tweeted that she wanted to move to Maryland after being released, a state where she previously lived. On Monday she tweeted: "Two more days until the freedom of civilian life ^_^ Now hunting for private #healthcare like millions of Americans =P".

Manning will remain on active army duty while her military court conviction remains under appeal. She will have healthcare benefits but will be unpaid, the army says. An online campaign set up by her attorney has raised $150,000 (£115,725) to pay for her living expenses for the first year after her release. If the appeal is denied, she could be dishonourably discharged from the army, US media say.

The mentioned Chelsea Manning Welcome Home Fund []. Also at NPR [], NYT [], and CNN [].

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