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Tesla Adds Lots of Certified Pre-Owned Model S Vehicles for less than $40,000 with New Warranty

Accepted submission by Phoenix666 at 2017-06-07 13:39:48

Tesla holds a tight grip on its used vehicle market through its certified pre-owned program. As previously reported, it resulted in the Tesla Model S retaining its value better than gas-powered cars in its segment – losing only 28% after 50,000 miles, [] according to an Autolist report.

Unfortunately for people looking to get a cheap second-hand Tesla, it wasn’t the easiest thing to find a good bargain… until now.

The automaker is now listing a lot of new Certified Pre-Owned Model S vehicles for less than $40,000.

While you could sometimes find a used Model S in the $40,000 price range from different resellers or directly from the owners, it was rare to find a used Tesla Model S for that price in Tesla’s Certified Pre-Owned program.

Under the program, the vehicles receive a full inspection and a four-year, 50,000 miles limited warranty [] with 24 hour roadside assistance on top of the remaining years/mileage of their battery and drivetrain warranty.

But now Tesla is introducing a new version of the program for high mileage cars []. They added dozens of them to their list [] and several are just over $30,000

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