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More "Cracked" Ultra HD Blu-ray Releases Appear Online

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-06-15 05:00:20

Following the release of an Ultra HD (3840×2160 resolution) copy of Smurfs 2 last month [], two new Ultra HD Blu-ray films have been released. Ultra HD Blu-ray discs [] can store 50-100 GB of H.265 [] encoded content, with 10-bit color depth, high dynamic range, and a wider color gamut []. While the AACS 2 encryption protecting these discs may not have been cracked, it seems to be ineffective []:

There's quite a buzz among movie pirates who have an eye for high-quality video. After the first Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc leaked last month, two more releases have now followed. While some have rumored that AACS 2 encryption may have been cracked, a bypass is just as likely. And with the leakers themselves staying quiet, the mystery remains.

Up until a few weeks ago, full copies of UHD Blu-Ray Discs were impossible to find on pirate sites. Protected with strong AACS 2 encryption, it has long been one of the last bastions movie pirates had to breach.

While the encryption may still be as strong as before, it's clear that some pirates have found a way through. After the first pirated Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc leaked early last month, two new ones have appeared in recent days.

Following the historic "Smurfs 2" release, a full UHD copy of "Patriots Day" surfaced online little over a week ago, followed by a similar copy of "Inferno" this past weekend. The latter two were both released by the scene group TERMiNAL [] and leaked to various torrent sites.

First there was Smurfs 2. Now there are three.

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