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Hackers Say They'Ve Broken Face Id A Week After iPhone X Release

Accepted submission by iWantToKeepAnon at 2017-11-13 16:49:58 from the steal-your-face dept.

Wired is running a story [] of hackers claiming to have broken Face ID on the new iPhone X.

When Apple released the iPhone X on November 3, it touched off an immediate race among hackers around the world to be the first to fool the company's futuristic new form of authentication. A week later, hackers on the actual other side of the world claim to have successfully duplicated someone's face to unlock his iPhone X—with what looks like a simpler technique than some security researchers believed possible.

On Friday, Vietnamese security firm Bkav released a blog post and video showing that—by all appearances—they'd cracked Face ID with a composite mask of 3-D-printed plastic, silicone, makeup, and simple paper cutouts, which in combination tricked an iPhone X into unlocking.

On a similar note Apple has repeatedly fought working with governments to unlock phones, if the police have a dead or detained criminal what is to stop them from just pointing the phone at their face and getting all the juicy data bits inside? Does Face ID *help* police/governments?

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