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Intel and Micron Boost 3D XPoint Production

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-11-14 20:56:03

Intel and Micron will produce more 3D XPoint [] non-volatile memory/storage:

Intel appears confident in the future of its 3D Xpoint media and the Optane products that incorporate it. The company announced today that it's finished an expansion of the facilities at IM Flash in Lehi, Utah [] (a joint Intel-Micron Technologies venture) that will allow it to produce more of its high-speed, low-latency non-volatile memory. Given the introduction of the Optane SSD 900P series of drives [] for consumers and the increasing capacities of Optane data-center SSDs [], along with the existing Optane Memory line of storage-caching accelerators [], Intel will likely have no problem finding homes for the chips it produces with this additional capacity.

The facility also produces 3D NAND.

Also at Digitimes [] and bit-tech [].

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