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Swatted - Police kill innocent man in Kansas

Accepted submission by BK at 2017-12-30 01:06:44 from the yellow stripe down the back of the uniform dept.

From the NY Daily News [] (and covered almost everywhere):

A Kansas man shot to death by police earlier this week was the victim of a misdirected online prank known as "swatting," according to social media chatter.

The victim, identified as Andrew Finch, was gunned down on Thursday night after cops responded to his Wichita home amid a false report that he had shot his father to death and was holding his mother, brother and sister hostage.

A responding officer fatally shot Finch, 28, when he came to the front door, Wichita deputy police chief Troy Livingston said during a press conference. Livingston declined to comment on what triggered the officer to open fire and would not say whether Finch was armed.

Body Camera Footage []

I'm speechless.

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