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Satellite Broadcaster Sky to Ditch Satellite Dishes

Accepted submission by kazzie at 2018-01-25 13:12:58 from the it's-all-in-the-cloud-now dept.

The British-based broadcaster Sky (with operations in the EU and elsewhere) has decided it doesn't need to keep nailing satellite dishes to the walls of its customers.

The BBC reports []:

The pay TV company already offers some programming online on its Sky Go and Now TV* services and through Sky boxes.

Sky said offering the option was a "major development" that would let it enter new markets.

It hopes that making its hundreds of channels more widely available will increase both revenue and profits.

Italy will be its first market to get all Sky channels online, followed by Austria, with the UK expected to follow later this year or in 2019.

The move will allow properties that cannot have a dish to get Sky, a spokesperson said. Customers will still need a Sky box, however.

Sky's move is a response to greater competition from the likes of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon.

*Now TV [] is an internet-based, subscriptionless pay-TV service. Established 5 years ago, it's wholly owned by Sky.

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