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Auusie parents fear social media more than drugs, alcohol or smoking

Accepted submission by c0lo at 2018-03-11 13:30:56

Australian Broadcast Corporation reports []

Australian parents are more worried about their children using social media and technology than drugs, alcohol or smoking, according to new research.

The youth mental health support service ReachOut surveyed parents of 12 to 18-year-olds about their concerns and found that 45 per cent were worried about their children's use of social media.

Technology closely followed at 42 per cent.

In comparison, 25 per cent were worried about their children using drugs, alcohol or smoking.
ReachOut surveyed 890 parents in December 2017, a month before the suicide of 14-year-old Amy "Dolly" Everett put cyberbullying on the national agenda.

Mr Nicholas said parents were concerned about the anonymity of social media.

"They're really concerned about the nature of bullying that may happen on social media sites and how easy it is given that this is a product that young people are likely to use every day," he said.

"That the harm and particularly the psychological harm can be really significant."

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