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Elive is back

Accepted submission by Runaway1956 at 2018-09-13 10:05:21 from the stand by for more disappointments! dept.

What is Elive?
Elive is a non-commercial, cost-free operating system made for the daily use, a much faster, friendlier, and feature-rich replacement of your high cost and low effective default system.

Turn your old equipment, up to 15 years old into a high performance machine with an interface that dazzles anyone who sees it. Customized to meet your needs while keeping it lightweight and beautiful using minimal hardware requirements.

In literally less than 2 minutes Elive runs without the need to install it , choose the language and the desired options to get the maximum performance, or just let Elive to select the best options for you.

Because the user experience is our priority, it provides a very intuitive experience where anybody can use it from the first time, using simple interfaces not saturated of options and with tons of automations.

  Elive is a very stable and reliable system based in Debian that will work day after day without problems. The customized Enlightenment desktop is ultra-fast and perfectly stable, with no random errors or surprises.

It comes with a full suite of applications, whether for work or for pleasure. It offers everything from a complete Office suite, tools, games and multimedia. You can enjoy watching movies or making your own. Professional video edition, graphic designing, media center, or even recover files from formatted disks. Make 3D animations, edit and manipulate audio and image files in always the best quality.

Oriented for novice and advanced users which can find incredibly useful tools inside, for desktop usage, laptops, schools or enterprises. []

The first disappointment, there is no 64 bit version available.

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