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Netgear Introduces its First Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Routers

Accepted submission by takyon at 2018-11-07 20:03:21 from the stormtrooper-transport dept.

Netgear Announces Nighthawk RAX80 and RAX120 802.11ax AX6000 Routers []

Netgear has announced imminent availability of their first 802.11ax router - the 8-stream Nighthawk RAX80, along with the technical details, pricing, and other information. In addition, they have also unveiled the 12-stream RAX120. While the RAX80 will be available for purchase this month, RAX120 will make it to retail in Q1 2019.

802.11ax has had an uphill adoption curve. Silicon vendors have been announcing draft-compliant chipsets since late 2016 (Quantenna - Q4 2016 [], Qualcomm - Q1 2017 [], Broadcom - Q3 2017 [], Marvell - Q4 2017 [], and Intel - Q1 2018 []). Device vendors were not far behind, with Asus going public about its plans to release a router (RT-AX88U) based on the Broadcom platform as early as September 2017 []. A year after the announcement, the RT-AX88U finally made it to retail at a $350 price point []. D-Link also gave a sneak peek [] into their AX6000 and AX11000 routers based on the Broadcom chipset at the 2018 CES.  In the meanwhile, we have had deployments [] of the Qualcomm chipset in the carrier gateways from KDDI and NEC in Asia, as well as enterprise access points from Huawei [] and Ruckus Wireless [].

[...] It must be noted that the aim of 802.11ax is not to target peak data-rates, but, improve the aggregate performance over several simultaneously active clients. The OFDMA-enabled simultaneous transmission to several users results in increased efficiency. Thanks to the lowered waiting time, the battery life of client devices also increases.

Also at The Verge [].

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