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HP Omen Gaming Gear at CES 2019 Includes $5K Emperium 65 BFGD Monitor

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HP Omen gaming gear at CES 2019 includes $5K Emperium 65 BFGD monitor []

After a year of waiting, the first Nvidia-partner Big Format Gaming Displays [] are ready for prime time. HP [] gave us a tour around its version, the Omen X Emperium 65, slated for February for $5,000.

But as with many Nvidia [] products, the price seems a little hard to swallow for some. $5,000 may seem a lot compared to a good 65-inch 4K HDR TV (the Vizio P-Series Quantum [] is only about $1,500, for example), but the BFGD piles on more capabilities essential for gaming. In fact, the HP goes beyond the initial BFGD spec as laid out by Nvidia. 

In addition to a built-in Nvidia Shield [] streaming/gaming system, which lets you play Android and PC games [] via GeForce Now [], the Emperium comes with a gaming-optimized sound bar [] designed to obviate the need for a separate subwoofer and to minimize vibration transferring to the display. 

It also offers a 144Hz refresh rate -- better than the 120Hz available on TVs [] like the Vizio [] mentioned above -- which is essential to minimize motion artifacts in games, and 4 millisecond gray-to-gray pixel response. 

You can only get that via DisplayPort, however, along with Nividia's G-Sync adaptive frame rate technology, which means your current (or future) console can't use it. Via HDMI [], you're limited to 60Hz. So, essentially, you've got to have a computer sitting in your living room to take full advantage.

As expected, the monitor supports a peak brightness of 1,000 nits in HDR mode (750 nits typical) -- it's DisplayHDR 1000 [] certified -- and the "greater than 300 zones" of full-array local dimming [] is officially 384. It uses a Quantum Dot Advanced MVA panel, basically IPS, which delivers color gamut coverage of 95 percent DCI-P3.

For $5,000, though, you'd think it would incorporate the latest version of HDMI, 2.1 [], which is better for gaming. The same goes for the connectivity, 802.11ac wireless (aka Wi-Fi 5 []) rather than 802.11ax (aka Wi-Fi 6) and Gigabit Ethernet rather than 10Gb for better cloud gaming []. While adoption is in the very early stages for all of those, if you're plunking down that much money you'd kind of like it to be future-ready. 

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Other Omen news includes an Omen 15 [] refresh with updated mobile processor and Nvidia graphics technology options, coming in February (starting at $1,370), plus another update in July with options for a 240Hz 1080p screen and 802.11ax or Gigabit Wi-Fi.

HP also revamped its Omen Obelisk Desktop, giving it a design and feature set to appeal to a more hardcore gamer then previously. It's shipping in March starting at $2,250. International prices weren't available.

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