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Samsung Expands 8K TV to 98 Inches at CES, Because Why the Hell Not

Accepted submission by upstart at 2019-01-08 01:41:29

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Samsung expands 8K TV to 98 inches at CES, because why the hell not []

8K resolution [] might be so much overkill, but if you ask the TV makers, they'll tell you all those extra pixels are worthwhile in really big TVs [].

The 98-inch Samsung [] Q900 QLED unveiled here at CES [] is one the most massive 8K TVs announced so far, outgunning Samsung's own 85-inch member of the Q900 series [] -- first introduced in late 2018 -- as well as LG's [] new 88-inch 8K OLED [] TV. It's no 219-inch MicroLED TV [], however.

Now playing: Watch this: Samsung Q900 85-inch 8K TV hands-on: A beautiful beast 2:30

Samsung says more sizes of the Q900 series will come to the US in 2019, complete with the "AI upconversion" it introduced on the 85-incher. Other markets, such as the UK and Europe, already have 8K QLED TVs at 65, 75 and 82 inches, so it's a fair bet that those sizes will be in the mix stateside.

When I got up close and personal with the 85-inch Q900 [] I found little benefit to its 8K resolution, fancy upconversion notwithstanding. It still delivered excellent picture quality, although at $15,000 I expected nothing less.

Samsung did not announce pricing or availability on the new members of the Q900 series.

Samsung releases new 8K QLED TVs at CES 2019 14 Photos []

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