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15 Latest inventions in solar energy technology

Rejected submission by karthikaqpt at 2019-01-08 12:11:37 from the technology dept.

Solar Energy:

Solar energy is the energy that is produced by the sun in the form of heat and light. It is one of the most renewable and readily available source of energy on planet Earth. The fact that it is available in plenty and free and does not belong to anybody makes it one of the most important of the non-conventional sources of energy. Mainly, Solar energy can be used to convert it into heat energy or it can be converted into electricity.

There are three primary technologies by which solar energy is commonly harnessed:
1.Photovoltaic (PV)
2.Solar Heating & Cooling (SHC)
3.Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

15 latest inventions are here,

1.Artificial Leaf Solar Cell – captures CO2 and Sunlight, produces Fuel
2.Transparent Solar Cells that could power Mobile phones and Skyscrapers
3.Flexible Parylene-based Solar cells as light as a soap bubble
4.New Tandem Solar Cell is at the Forefront of Solar Innovation
5.MIT creates Transparent, flexible solar cells using Graphene
6.Wearable Solar Cell you can put in the Wash
7.Solar Glasses Generate Solar Power
8.Bacteria-powered Solar Cell works even under overcast skies
9.Transparent solar technology represents ‘wave of the future’
10. Graphene-coated solar panel generates Electricity from Rain Drops
11.Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapour
12.Freshwater from salt water using only solar energy
13.Scientists create an Ultra-Thin Concrete Roof that can generate Solar Power
14.New Solar based Water Purification Technique achieves almost %100 Efficiency
15.See-through Organic Solar Cells using Buckyballs []

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