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Users upset with undeletable apps Samsung nonplussed

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2019-01-09 12:24:50 from the Take it and like it dept dept.

Samsung is facing another battle with end users with its agreements with software companies to set some preinstalled software on Samsung mobile phones to be undeletable. Users have found that applications like Facebook can't be uninstalled which has caused some users distress given the recent data breaches and lack of respect Facebook has shown towards its users in the past decade. Some users have sworn off getting another Samsung phone if apps can't be uninstalled [] by users. The argument that users can just hack the phone to get root access then force remove apps themselves does not hold with non-technical users and anyone who can't risk bricking their device. Samsung has refused to comment on this, and specifically will not provide details about agreements it has with software vendors to force their applications to always be installed on Samsung phones. In comparison, the iPhone does not ever come with pre-installed third party applications.

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