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End of the Year Report – Librem 5 – Things are awesome

Rejected submission by Anonymous Coward at 2019-01-09 23:28:41

Hello everyone! We have accomplished so much in the last 3 months and need to share, so prepare yourself for a dense update on the Librem 5 phone, PureOS, and software applications.

As you know, we have a number of important components in the Librem 5 that we will try outline.


Let’s start off with the Calls application. The calls application is what allows us to place phone calls and what makes the phone a
phone. In these past few months, we’ve been making this application work wonderfully. Below is a demo of the calls application receiving a phone call. So the basic support for the calls application is complete and we’re working making a great design. We’ve successfully implemented important basic features like ring tones.



Hægtesse is a daemon to transfer audio data between a modem and PulseAudio. It currently only supports the SIMCom SIM7100 modem but may be useful for other modems. The purpose of Hægtesse is to monitor the modem and when a call is initial to configure PulseAudio automatically for a phone call. This is a necessary component for phone calls.



Libhandy is a library that extends GTK+ to be used on mobile profiles. With libhandy, you can port any GTK3 or higher app that you have into a mobile profile. If you have an application written in GTK3, reach out and we’d be happy to help you port it to libhandy.



Librem5 devkit tools are the set of tools to enable the devkit that was recently shipped out to crowdfunding supporters.



Virtboard is our virtual keyboard used on the Librem 5. Work has been on-going in enabling the virtual keyboard mostly focusing on making this input working under wayland. The UX experience is still on-going. Feedback is of course encouraged.



Chatty is our combination SMS and encrypted communication app. Chatty currently works with SMS and with the help of libpurple we can also have E2E encrypted communication as promised before.

We currently can successfully send SMS between phones. Below is a demo of the chatty doing some emoticons. You might recall last post we showed chatty doing real SMS. The UX experience is still on-going and continues to evolve.



Most of our design is being done in GNOME upstream except of course for the UX experience in the Librem 5 specific component. Purism believes deeply in working in the upstream and we work closely with GNOME’s designers. Below are a number of design mockups that were conceived for various GNOME apps to work with libhandy.



WLroot is the Wayland implementation for the Librem5 and which phosh our UX shell runs on. Mostly working on getting libinput working. We did some investigations on using rust bindings, but turned out that it was more work with very little advantage.



Phosh is the actual visual look and feel of the Librem 5. The most significant work here is being able to detect idle and dim the screen automatically when not on battery power. Some work on the lock shield was also done and various UX fixes and features.


When it comes to software and hardware freedom, we not only do the talk, we do the walk. Everything in the dev kit, is licensed under the GNU GPL v3+. We have released the schematics for the dev kit and all source files. We encourage you to participate and bring your talents and join us! []

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