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Anti-Aging drug trial shows 'impressive' results

Accepted submission by RandomFactor at 2019-01-10 02:04:43 from the the clan Macleod dept.

The anti-cancer drug dasatnib in combination with quercetin being trialed for safety against lung fibrosis has shown impressive anti-aging results. []

Participants in the trial were ~70 years old and suffering from pulmonary fibrosis a debilitating and eventually fatal disease. After the trial, 100% of the study showed improvement

participants were able to walk faster, get up from a chair more quickly and scored better in ability tests.

The benefit is a result of removing 'zombie cells' from the body.

Senescent cells - also known as zombie cells - are not completely dead so are not cleared out by the body, but are too damaged to repair tissue or carry out normal functions. Unable to repair itself or clear out the waste, the body gradually deteriorates.

Previously animal studies have shown that removing these cells reverses the ageing process, extends lifespan, and restores lost youth.

Better yet, itt does not sound like a pill every day for the rest of your life sort of thing

“It has a hit-and-run effect,” added Dr Kirkland. “The drug starts working quickly and we would ideally like to be able to give it just once a month.”

Of course increasing the cost 30x should nicely take care of that drawback.

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