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Raspberry Pi Foundation Announces RISC-V Foundation Membership

Accepted submission by martyb at 2019-01-12 00:28:46 from the chip off the old...chip? dept.

Raspberry Pi Foundation Announces RISC-V Foundation Membership []:

[The Raspberry Pi] Foundation has announced that it is joining the RISC-V Foundation, suggesting that a shift away from Arm could be on the cards. “We’re excited to have joined the RISC-V Foundation as a silver member,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation posted to its Twitter account []. “[We’re] hoping to contribute to maturing the Linux kernel and Debian port for the world’s leading free and open instruction set architecture.”

A shift from the proprietary Arm architecture to RISC-V would fit in nicely with the Foundation’s goal of low-cost, highly-accessible computing for education and industry – but would put paid to its tradition of keeping backwards compatibility where possible, something it has already suggested might be the case when it moves away from the Broadcom BCM283x platform for the Raspberry Pi 4. Foundation co-founder Eben Upton, though, is clear: the Foundation is currently focusing on supporting the ISA in software, and not with a development board launch.

I'm curious how many Soylentils have a Raspberry Pi (or more than one) and which model(s). How has your experience been? What are the positives and shortcomings you've encountered? Do you think it would be a good move for them to move to RISC-V []?

More background on RISC-V is available at Wikipedia [].

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