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Startup Behind Banned Anonymous Messaging App Launches a New App for Anonymous Workplace Feedback

Accepted submission by takyon at 2019-02-01 01:33:35

After bans from Apple and Google, Sarahah debuts Enoff, an iOS app for anonymous feedback at work []

Sarahah [], the anonymous messaging app founded in Saudi Arabia that became an unexpected viral sensation [] with teens, clocking up over 300 million registered users before getting banned by Apple and Google over bullying [], is making a return to the App Store — but not as you might think.

The startup has launched a new, free iOS app called Enoff [] (pronounced "enough") aimed at organizations, tapping into the wave of employee activism and speaking out about unfair practices to provide a way for people in a team to give anonymous, one-way feedback to bosses and human resources reps. An Android version of Enoff is coming "very soon," according to CEO and founder Zain al-Alabdin Tawfiq.

Available also on the web [], the aim is to provide a way to give feedback in cases of harassment, corruption and other tricky workplace situations where employees might fear repercussions for speaking out.

Easy way to monetize app: allow bosses to pay to unmask users.

Also at Wired [].

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