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"Alt-Right: Age of Rage" now streaming on Netflix

Rejected submission by aristarchus at 2019-02-03 11:34:14 from the Yet-another-aristarchus-submission dept.

The documentary on the Charlottesville alt-right riot and murder is now available on Netflix, for any Soylentils who may subscribe. A review is available at Decider []:

‘Alt-Right: Age of Rage’ on Netflix Might Be Too Balanced For Its Own Good

Maybe, but giving the alt-right a public stage may be the worst thing anyone could do to them.

Ultimately, Alt-Right: Age of Rage is eye-opening if you’re looking for a delineation of the white supremacists-vs-antifa talking points without all the noise of Twitter fights interrupting. But if, ultimately, a calm, seemingly reasonable debate is what the white nationalists want — a calm, orderly debate where the map of the United States is divided neatly into entho-states — then it becomes harder to see who benefits. With the Alt-Right, it seems quite wrong to dress them up in a suit and give them a comfortable chair from which to preach.

Except, the events post Charlottesville put an entirely different spin on the entire, former, alt-right movement. Free speech, use it wisely. Worth a view.

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