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Strange bedfellows: How a South Florida Democrat became the darling of the alt-right

Rejected submission by aristarchus at 2019-02-06 01:05:10 from the Its-Florida-Snakes-on-a-plane dept.

Miami Herald [] (not the one in Finland):

A wall of half a dozen men closed ranks around Rasha Mubarak. Leering at the young Palestinian-American woman who filmed them on her phone, they shoved Make America Great Again caps into her face, waved signs inscribed with anti-Muslim messages and spewed insults.

Animal. Anti-Semite. Woman-hater. Terrorist.

“My initial reaction was that the bigotry is real in South Florida,” said Mubarak, who told the Miami Herald she was afraid the men would become physically violent. “It was a little overwhelming and scary.”

Mubarak’s antagonists were part of a group gathered outside Hallandale Beach City Hall on Jan. 23, in a rally that to some, was intended to be a defense of Israel against a growing boycott movement.

There is video and everything.

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