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“Refrigerdating”: Samsung\'s Dating Platform for Fridge Fetishists

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“Refrigerdating”: Samsung\'s dating platform for fridge fetishists []

But why would the Korean manufacturer come up with this dating method? The answer is simple enough. Samsung’s FamilyHub smart fridge comes with a preinstalled inner camera, which is accessible from any location at all times. These photos can easily be uploaded to the Refrigerator dating platform with the tap of a finger and the search for a partner can begin!

However: One does not need to own a US$4,000 Samsung refrigerator in order to get in on the action. A simple photo of your fridge contents is all you need in order to be able to register for the service. Samsung cautions against “primping up” one’s fridge, stating that one should never display inauthenticity, when it comes to presenting the contents of one’s fridge and oneself in a future relationship.

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