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Despite California’s long drought, trillions of gallons of rainwater wastefully flowing into sea

Rejected submission by realDonaldTrump at 2019-03-09 06:37:34

"LOS ANGELES -- California’s rainy season could be the wettest in 40 years, but experts say the state is missing a major opportunity by failing to collect the trillions of gallons of storm runoff that currently flows wastefully into the ocean.


In February alone, an estimated 18 trillion gallons of water fell on the state. In urban areas and coastal cities, 80 percent ends up diverted into the ocean, as Los Angeles and other cities built long concrete channels for flood control. The Los Angeles River, for example, is a 51-mile-long canal as wide as a football field. Almost none of the water seeps into the underground aquifer." []

This what I've been talking about. They foolishly divert massive amounts of readily available water to Pacific Ocean. They call it a river, it's not a river. Then the rain stops, wildfires are everywhere but they have no water. And they come crying to F.E.M.A. This must end!

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