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Disney announces Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening dates

Rejected submission by realDonaldTrump at 2019-03-10 15:11:12

"Disneyland Park in California is scheduled to open ahead of schedule on May 31, while Disney World in Florida will open at the end of summer on Aug. 29.

The massive 14-acre Star Wars section of the Disney’s park will be the largest single-themed land expansion ever, according to a press release from Disney, and will have restaurants – including the park’s first-ever cantina – rides and other experiences to offer customers a fully-immersive experience." []

"Disney revealed the names of two attractions set to open at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge last year, including Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Now we know that the latter will be the longest in Disney's collection.

'In my opinion, this will be the most ambitious attraction that we’ve ever built,' Disney Parks chairman Bob Chapek told the Sentinel. He said Rise of the Resistance will be like four attractions in one as rider's trackless vehicle will move in different ways. Riders will even exit the vehicle at one point to confront Kylo Ren at a detention cell." []

They put "rider's." But possibly they wanted to put "riders'." Something for our incredible spelling mavens to "correct."

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