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Abrams tank set for 'lethality' upgrade

Rejected submission by realDonaldTrump at 2019-03-11 21:13:55

"To put it succinctly, today’s Abrams is nothing like it was decades ago. In fact, one could safely say its sensors, firepower and current protection make it almost an entirely new vehicle is some respects. Along these lines, the Army is working on a new SEP v4 variant, slated to begin testing in 2021, specifically engineered as a 'lethality' upgrade.

The new tank will include new laser rangefinder technology, color cameras, integrated onboard networks, new slip-rings, advanced meteorological sensors, ammunition data links, laser warning receivers and a far more lethal, multi-purpose 120mm tank round, senior Army weapons developers have explained.


Furthermore, not only will the Abrams v4 improve range and lethality of the tanks main gun, but it will also bring long-range laser detection and rear-view sensors. Newly configured meteorological sensors will better enable Abrams tanks to anticipate and adapt to changing weather or combat conditions more quickly, Army officials explain." []

I do believe we're starting to see weather change. Don't worry, our Army is getting ready for that!

And by the way, there's the Related, or Previous story for this one. Called The Case for Kill Switches in Military Weaponry. Enjoy!

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