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Better search engines?

Rejected submission by Anonymous Coward at 2019-03-13 11:47:22 from the Search dept.

When I used to search for things on Google, such as Robinhood trading software, all sorts of good hits used to show up such as HoodTrader. Hits from small guys writing software that matches what I want. This is absolutely no longer the case. For instance on the Hoodtrader website the quotes

"desktop trading software for Robinhood users"

appear. If I search for desktop trading software for Robinhood users without quotes this doesn't appear on Google AT ALL. I have to put it in quotes for it to appear. Or I have to specifically search for Hoodtrader to get Hoodtrader.

I'm looking for other software similar to Hoodtrader and I'm sure it's out there. The problem, Google discriminates against them for being ... small. That's the only reason Google is discriminating against them. Google sucks now, it used to be a good search engine but now it actively discriminates against the little guy. Even if that little guy has what I want.

Does anyone recommend another search engine?


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