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There's a wearable camera for your penis now and we're probably all doomed

Rejected submission by AnonTechie at 2019-03-13 20:27:48

Warning: This post contains descriptions unsuitable for young readers.

Let's begin by picturing a Venn diagram. On one side, you've got people who enjoy recording video of themselves having sex. On the other, you've got people who wear silicone rings around their penis to help maintain an erection. Folks in the middle of that Venn diagram might be especially interested in the "Cock Cam" from UK company Julz.

"Capture your climax," reads the company's website [] as it welcomes you to "the world's first cock ring with a camera," available now for $160.

"Yes," the copy adds, "it's exactly what it sounds like!"

There's a wearable camera for your penis now []

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