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Meet the YouTube star who’s de-radicalizing young, right-wing men

Rejected submission by aristarchus at 2019-03-14 23:21:37 from the Trans-has-many-pronouns dept.
Digital Liberty

You-tuber is saving the world, coverage at Vice []:

The far right is the dominant political community on YouTube. It's a flourishing world of men's rights activists, libertarians, anti-feminist atheists, and white nationalists. There are whole channels dedicated to showing "social justice warriors" getting "owned" by various conservative provocateurs. And this has gone largely unanswered by the left.

Enter Natalie Wynn, who's trying to de-radicalize this part of YouTube with an unexpected mix of philosophy and elaborate costumes. And she's making some headway.

Who says you can't do anything with a philosophy degree?

"One thing the right wing has done pretty effectively in the last few years is, they've managed to frame the discussion as a kind of puritan, moralistic, sermonizing left versus a kind of edgy, rebellious, punk-rock right," says 30-year-old Wynn. "And I refuse to allow them to get away with that."

On her YouTube channel, Contrapoints [], Wynn tries to reframe the debate around issues like free speech, the alt-right, incels, and transgender pronouns in a way that "makes [the far right] reveal their puritanism and their phobias, and has me as the, like, libertine."

Sounds like a nice place for some alt-righters to hang out, and expose their puritanism and homophonophobias.

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