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Curious: How alt-right works Brexit tweets

Rejected submission by aristarchus at 2019-03-15 08:29:45 from the Remember-Remember-the-29th-of-March-not-the-same-ring-to-it dept.
Digital Liberty

The Sun will never set on the British Empire, until it goes down in ignomous Brexfail! But there could be a reason for it all!

From our fine friends at [] (who the hell are they? Why is aristarchus citing them? Is this a Teresa May sock-puppet account?)

The pro-Brexit Twitter community in the UK is receiving support from far-right Twitter accounts based outside of the country. Leave-centric users also utilise a number of ‘non-authoritative’ news sources to spread their messages, according to analysis conducted by F-Secure.

Researchers also found that the top two influencers in the pro-leave community received a disproportionate number of retweets, as compared to influencer patterns seen in the pro-remain community. In addition, some pro-leave accounts tweeted a mixture of Brexit and non-Brexit issues (specifically #giletsjaunes, and #MAGA).

From the users identified by the company as having retweeted more than 95% of the time, more than accounts from the leave-centric group were clearly US right-wing personas. These accounts associated with #Trump and #MAGA, amplified US political content, and interacted with US-based alt-right personalities in addition to amplifying Brexit-related content.

Yes, there is that. But then,

“The scope of this report* is too limited to conclusively determine whether or not there is a coordinated astroturfing campaign underway to manipulate the public or political climate surrounding Brexit,” says F-Secure. “However, it does provide a solid foundation for more investigation into the matter.”

Settles it, then. Trump will be the new Primal Minstral of England, a new reality TV Show, not airing on BBC, of course.

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