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All time rainfall record set in Arizona

Rejected submission by Anonymous Coward at 2019-03-15 13:23:17

A storm that brought heavy snowfall and slick roads to northern Arizona on Wednesday caused hazardous travel conditions and helped Bisbee broke its all-time rainfall record.


Meanwhile in southern Arizona, Bisbee set an all-time record of 1.06 inches of rain on Tuesday, beating a 1952 record for the wettest one-day rainfall, according to the Weather Service.

For everyone that was on the edge of their seat.....Douglas-Bisbee INL AP recorded their all-time wettest one day rainfall yesterday at 1.06". This beats the previous record from 1952! Check out the top ten days below.
        — NWS Tucson (@NWSTucson) March 13, 2019

Rob Howlett a meteorologist with the Weather Service in Tucson, said this rainfall Tuesday was sorely needed.

"Any kind of water we can get in the desert certainly is beneficial, especially since we've been in this prolonged period of drought," Howlett said. "So as long as we're not having serious flooding issues, this is all definitely beneficial rain."

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