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What do you do for an email solution?

Accepted submission by stretch611 at 2019-08-13 23:01:12 from the ask-soylent-news dept.

I remember back in the day, when the green-site was actually relevant to geeks, it used to have an ask-greensite section. Well, while I see "Answers" I am not sure that corresponds to "Ask SoylentNews" but here is to hoping that the admins like the idea and willing to start a similar section... (I understand I have a journal, but I would like to ask a question and actually have others read and respond to it.)

I would like to ask my fellow soylentists... What do you do for an email solution?

For almost 20 years, I have had my own personal domains along with corresponding websites, email, and any other needed service. As I am older now, I no longer need any of the visibility of my own website; I do not need it for getting new jobs, or to host any application or service. However, I still need email. My current ISP has annoyed me with rising fees and a lack of any service (not surprisingly, it went downhill really fast once their business was merged with another.)

So, I am looking to drop everything except the actual domains and the email, (not to mention change providers.) What solutions does everyone else use? Are you happy with your provider?

The biggest feature I am looking for is some type of "catchall" email address. While I realize this means a lot more spam, I am already filtering the 99% of that out. For years, I have created many single use email addresses for various websites. (e.g. ) IMO, this creates better security, because anyone trying to access my accounts need to know the email address I used as well as the password, and I also find out which websites sell my email address to others or get breached. It seems that the majority of sites do not have this simple feature anymore.

Due to my multiple handles, most of the simple email sites will not work for me. Not to mention sites that charge per email handle are not very good either. While I can consolidate with a catch-all address, this is not a preferred method.

I prefer POP3 so that I can have multiple devices access my email and webmail is a plus but not required.

So does anyone know of a email site that will fit my needs? Or is my best chance to create my own email server on a linode VPS? (Though I would prefer a simple premade solution instead of maintaining my own server at this point.)

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