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US Navel Ships Blocked as China Prepares to Invade Hong Kong

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2019-08-14 11:27:46 from the Get out while the going is good dept.

The Hong Kong situation has escalated with China blocking US Navel ships from entering Hong Kong while mustering army vehicles on the Hong Kong border []. With the Hong Kong protestors effectively cutting off access to airports and bringing the city to a standstill international commentary is rife [] with speculation as to whether or not the United States or Britain will enter into open warfare with China to defend Hong Kong. Britain still has legal rights to parts of Hong Kong which could be inconvenient for China if the PRC army does invade. Strangely few other countries are getting involved with an international brand of silence echoing across the oceans around the beleaguered nation.

Save Hong Kong! Save Tibet! Save Taiwan! Collect the whole set!

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