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[BIG] Boris Johnson Loses Majority in Parliament After Defection, Could Call Early Elections

Accepted submission by takyon at 2019-09-03 17:56:37

Boris Johnson loses Parliamentary majority, faces Brexit showdown []

Britain's Parliament returns from its summer recess and is facing a titanic showdown over Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plans to leave the European Union. Here's what we know:

● Johnson has lost his majority in Parliament, with the defection of Conservative Phillip Lee to the Liberal Democrats.

● The opposition, including members of Johnson's party, is seeking to pass legislation to delay Brexit.

● Johnson has said that if his foes succeed he will call early elections.

Live coverage [].

List of prime ministers of the United Kingdom by length of tenure []

#54: George Canning, 119 days (1827)
#55: Boris Johnson, 40 days (Incumbent) (2019)

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