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Intel faces its own degradation issue, and a new vulnerability

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2019-09-11 04:50:23
Security []

Academics from the Vrije University in Amsterdam have detailed today a new attack on Intel CPUs.

Named NetCAT, this is a vulnerability in all Intel chips that support the Data-Direct I/O Technology (Intel DDIO) and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) features.

When these two features are enabled, academics have shown that they can launch an attack on remote, networked computers, and infer certain types of data that is being processed inside the CPU's cache.,40362.html []

As detailed in a recent Product Change Notification (PCN) document [], Intel is refreshing four of the company's Celeron and Pentium Apollo Lake processors due to degradation concerns. The problem stems from the same issue that initially cropped up with the C2000 Atom family, which had enough of an impact that Intel had to establish a reserve fund to cover the costs associated with replacing the processors.

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