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Corona spreads across Europe

Accepted submission by quietus at 2020-02-25 18:36:56

As the rest of the world [] battles the Corona virus, unrest is growing in Europe as well.

Eleven people have now died from Covid-19 in Italy, while 10 villages remain isolated. Today, in a single day, the number of infected Italians has jumped 45 percent to 322. The virus has spread across Italy now: while the infections originally were limited to the North of the country (Lombardia, Veneto, where the Venice Carnival has been closed down), they now have spread to Emilio-Romagna, Lazio (the region around Rome), the Toscan region, Piemont, Trentino-Alto Adigo (Southern Tirol), and (today, Feb 25) Liguria (around Genoa) and Sicily.

Infections have occurred in other parts of Europe: Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Romania and Spain (Canary Islands, Catalonia). The governments of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany expect infections will also occur in their countries. Britons returning from skiing holiday in Italy are told to self-isolate [].

The statistics in Italy suggest that for every 100 infected people, 5 are expected to die -- typically older, already weakened, people.

Questions remain about case zero, the original infectious patient in Italy: yesterday that person was still not identified.

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